10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Mirrors are a girl’s best friend. After diamonds of course, and it is almost a given that where you find a girl, you shall likely find a mirror. It does not matter of what kind or shape. It is because mirrors appeal to our sense of vanity. Yes, I said it. We are vain, but it’s not a bad thing to look out for yourself. After all, isn’t that the premise of self-love? No?

For a while now, makeup has become the rage. Makeup artists are popping up daily. And what they can tell you is that in makeup, lighting is king. You don’t want heavy makeup that sits awkwardly on your face. You don’t want your eyebrows to be the subject of memes.

Everybody wants their makeup to be on fleek. Enter LED mirrors. These mirrors come with lighting that allows you to see very clearly what it is you are doing. They have insane magnification like in this case the 1byOne mirror that will allow you to apply your makeup like a pro! It’s specs?

Main Features of 10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror


This feature has most enthusiasts excited.It seems everybody has had enough of untangling tangled things! 3AA batteries power this led mirror, and it has a lifespan of about 50000 hours, so you need not worry about it going off on you suddenly!

1byOne 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror also makes it a perfect mirror to travel with because you only need to carry your batteries. You won’t need to look around for strategic sockets or end up frustrated in places where there is no electricity .your basic makeup needs have already been taken care of with this one.


Another attractive feature of the 1byOne LED 10X magnification mirror is that it is pretty small and compact for all the goodness it serves. The mirror is 16 cm in diameter. It folds down on top of the suction cup which means that it occupies very little space, therefore very nice to pack while travelling.It comes with a dedicated protective bag, reducing its chances of being scratched.it also means that you will be pretty comfortable moving it around the house being that it is not too heavy and it is also quite sturdy.


This mirror is quite flexible too.it rotates the whole 360 degrees can also meaning you can do your make up at whatever angle you choose. You can also perform little makeup tricks because you have the advantage of good magnification. You get to do your makeup at the angle which you find to be most comfortable. The suction cup also adheres to a number of surfaces and tiles so you can place the mirror where you feel most at ease and start your makeup application routine. The suction cup is pretty strong too.


The lighting on this mirror is what sets it apart from all the other mirrors in the market this is because it actually mimics natural daylight. Those days of positioning your makeup mirror or vanity table close to the window in order to cash in on natural daylight,are long gone with this mirror. It actually lets you see what your makeup or made up face will look like outside your house. It has essentially removed any room for error by ensuring that you see very clearly what it is you’re doing and what you will look like once you leave the house.


Another distinguishing feature of this mirror is its portability.it is very compact and does not occupy a lot of space making it your go-to travel mirror. It folds very nicely at the base and becomes very compact.It comes with a neoprene bag where you can store it to avoid having it grazed or shattering it, and it has a small zipper inside where you can store your batteries while on the go. It occupies less than one half of a cubic foot and is not bulky at all, infact, it is one of the most compact mirrors in the market currently.


The suction cup at the base of this mirror adheres to most surfaces meaning that it does not have to stay in your bathroom and can be moved around with ease. Also, the magnification on this mirror can be worked around in case you’re not looking for such strong magnification. You can opt for the 5x or 7x LED mirrors by Uper west collection which is great too. It can also be used as a décor item in your house because of its very appealing design and specs. It can be used as a shaving mirror too.

  • Lightweight and hence great for travel.
  • It adheres on most of the surfaces.
  • It has good natural like lighting which is perfect for makeup application.
  • It is cord-free, so it eliminates the mess that is tangled wires.
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee should you be unhappy.
  • It does not adhere to every surface.
  • The switch may be a bit sensitive and may light without your knowledge.
  • The magnification can be too strong for some people.


Q: Is the mirror adjustable?

A: Yes, the mirror is very flexible and adjustable because it rotates the whole 360 degrees. You can do your makeup at any angle you choose. Its base is also very sturdy.

Q: Does the mirror come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the mirror has a 100% money back guarantee should it not fulfill your expectations.

Final Words

The days of stepping out with nothing but hope are over. You have a product that allows you to look your best at all times.it is great for girls with eye problems because of its high magnification, if it is too high for you, can still choose from their collection of mirrors which have lesser magnification. They say impressions matter, and we should always give forth our best. And nothing will boost your street cred better than a nicely done face. And you now know where to start. With 1byOne’s  10x magnification LED mirror.

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