6 Steps: How To Choose A Lighted Makeup Mirror

While getting that invitation to attend an event, party, job interview or even a wedding can be thrilling, one thing of great concern is that we all want to look beautiful on that day.

It’s obvious that makeup will make us look even better, but it is important to know that makeup when applied in a dark environment can be disastrous. Natural lightning could be of great help, unlucky enough we don’t have it all the time but all is not lost because lighted makeup mirrors are there to save the day.

To make sure your makeup is close to perfection; of course, we can’t be 100% accurate, here are some the best tips when it comes to choosing the best-lighted makeup mirror.

1. Choice Of Location

Where is the mirror going to be installed in your room? This could be of great help when it comes to choosing the right size of the mirror according to the amount of space available in your room. You don’t want to choose a mirror occupying most part of your room. Basically, most lighted makeup mirrors are mounted on the wall or tabletop designs.

To counter space problem a wall mounted mirror will be great but if your bathroom is not crowded especially in the morning you may want to place it there. If you have kids or adults who could be frequenting your room, a wall mounted mirror will fit since it is harder to break than tabletop mirrors.

2. Lighting

After installing your mirror what next? Well, lighting is of great concern. Applying makeup demands good lightning, while natural light could be the best, we don’t have it all the time. A well-lighted mirror will serve that purpose.

Most bathroom windows are small such that they can’t let in enough light and consider that your schedule may be starting as early as 5 am when it’s still dark, a lighted mirror will help. You will have to go with your taste in choosing the best mirror considering that some have variable lighting.

Most new mirror designs in the market use LED lighting (which is the most preferred), there are alternatives which use fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

3. Magnification

Now that you are past installation and lighting, the type of magnification a mirror has is something to focus on. Mirrors have different magnification capacity. Most mirrors in the market nowadays are double sided to enable you to view the original image and finer details on the magnified one when you need to.

The enlarged image enhances accuracy when it comes to the application of makeup foundation, mascara, lip liner, eyeliner among other finer details you will need to pay close attention to.

Magnification power varies from one mirror to another. This means that you will have to try different mirrors to reach your favorite one that fits your specifications during makeup application.

Mirrors with high magnification power like 10x may distort the image hence you will need to consider your choice of location so that will enable you to stay close to the mirror for accuracy.

4. Mirror Design

When it comes to the mirror design or style, most people go with tastes and preference.  Mirrors with metal frames are mostly designed to stand on the table since the metal frame makes it heavier which increases stability. Some mirrors are built with an attractive surface appearance hence you will choose one that fits your home decor.

Other mirrors are built with plastic frames and are foldable with lightweight which makes them highly portable and easy to store. Considering that most of them are battery powered, you might want to have one especially if you are that person that spends most of the time outside the house; probably traveling.

5. Budget

There are several types of lighted mirrors in the market, they are differentiated by the features they have. Mirrors with great features such as high magnification power, big size among other features will definitely be of higher price as compared to others with fewer features.

You may want to consider the specifications that you need the mirror to possess based on your taste and compare the market prices. This will help you in coming up with an estimated amount of money that you need to spend.

It is important to come up with a budget to avoid excessive spending on money that otherwise could have been avoided by choosing to settle on other cheap or price friendly alternatives.

6. Energy Efficiency

Trust me; no one wants to spend half their pay slip on energy bills. Considering makeup mirrors with bulbs that are energy saving in the sense that they produce the same amount of light for less money is of great importance.

The good thing is that there are several types of makeup mirrors, so getting one that has the features that fit your budget when it comes to electricity bills is not a problem.


When applying makeup mistakes are often made but with a well-lighted mirror, the mistakes are quite less. It is important for one to have a mirror that best meets the specifications desired. With those tips in mind, getting a mirror of correct size, shape, and model plus the features it possesses is a lot easier.

There are lots of products in the market but each one is different with its pros and cons, hence it is important to consider what works best for you when it comes to choosing the type of mirror to purchase.

A well-lighted mirror makes it smooth and a lot easier to apply makeup, ensuring accuracy is to the point especially with good magnification qualities. The choice of location also is of vital importance, to avoid congestion and lack of enabling environment.

With all these factors constant it is important to ensure that you are working within your budget. Be it during the original purchase of the mirror or routine payment of electricity bills. Always ensure you go for something you are comfortable with financially.

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