Assis Led Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

If you have been trying to break up from the traditional mirror that entirely depends on sunlight to be effectively used, then with ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup mirror provides the best alternative solution. It’s fitted with an LED lighting that provides natural light.

With its alternative dual power source, I usually use it irrespective of the time of the day and therefore it is the best for the makeup addicts like me who at all times are usually in front of a mirror.

Traditional mirrors most of the times are usually mounted on bathroom walls and in houses, this can be inconveniencing to those who would want portable mirrors that they can move around with. Therefore ASSIS Led Lighted makeup mirror comes handy to solve this problem due to its small size and the capability to roll it into tri-folds.

Because of its stand-alone base, I can comfortably apply my makeup with both hands.

Main Features of Assis Led Lighted Makeup Mirror

  • Natural Light: This ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror provides you with natural bright light that ensures you apply makeup and even with the tiniest detail is attended to. This mirror comes handy with LED lighting that provides natural light. This long-lasting bright light ensures that you get the best-detailed makeup. It has two LED lights to light up the mirror; there is a LED light switch below the mirror that can turn it on or off. I can hold my finger on the screen to increase or dim the light due to its smooth sensors for adjusting brightness according to my need.
  • Exceptional Magnification: ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror stated magnification is up to 10X on one side with a Normal magnification on the second side. But when using one will choose to what extent they want the face to be magnified. The mirror is fitted with a magnification of both 1X and 10X that work together to reflect an image which helps in viewing even the tiniest detail such as a pimple will be visible while applying makeup. For those with old eyes need not worry because this lighted mirror has a magnification that works well even without the light and will even make a pore visible.
  • Power Source: What good news is there to this mirror than hearing its enhanced feature of a dual power source!  With ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror it comes handy with AA battery powered system and USB chargeable slot. This mirror when properly charged can last up to 10,000hours which is ideal for travelers. When left idle for 15 minutes it will automatically go into sleep mode which shuts it off saving power. Illumination can be controlled with an adjustable button by brightening or dimming the light.  The LED bulbs fitted on this mirror go for quite a long period without the need to replace them
  • Tilting: With ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror it does not matter which angle you are standing because it has adjustable side mirrors for viewing any angle, its 180-degree rotation also helps to get a stunning view. It features a tri-fold design which can be rotated in any position to give you a perfect panoramic view. This mirror has tri-folds that can be rotated and tilted to any angle to get the best view of your face. You get to choose which side of the fold to use as both will be lighted by the LED light source.
  • Portable: Its portability is enhanced with the fully adjustable folded lighted mirrors and therefore it is the best for travel vacations and trips as it can fit in a purse due to its small size, this saves tabletop space. It can easily be detached from the base and mirror and pack the two separately into your vacation bag. I usually let it stand alone when I want to apply makeup with both hands although it’s handheld. I only need to connect it to a power source with my USB cable and then I can apply makeup as long as I want!
  • Storage Tray: For the ladies who want to carry a variety of makeup while on a trip or vacation need not to worry because with ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror it comes with a little tray located at the bottom of the mirror. This can be used to store different kind’s assorted makeup and even small kinds of jewelry. Even with the folding, the tray will remain intact with the stored makeup and no need to worry about spillovers on your important stuff in your purse. The tray saves important purse or table space as it does not take up extra space.

  • Excellent magnifications of up to 10X
  • Enhanced portability due to small size
  • Enhanced angle Tilting and folding
  • Dual Power source
  • Fitted with LED bulbs that provides natural bright light
  • It doesn’t come with AA batteries at all.
  • It is a little hard to open a brand new mirror

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size of the Mirror?

A: The main makeup mirror is 13.2 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches, while the 10x mirror is 3.46 inches.

Q: How long does the battery take when in use?

A: The AA batteries do not last long enough but I would recommend using the USB cable for plugging into a switch.

Q: Why do the lights on the mirror dim automatically?

A: This is to save power; the lights will go off automatically if the mirror stays idle for a period of 15minutes. There is also a circular sensor button located at the bottom portion of the mirror, long press to dim or brighten lights.

Final Verdict

Different people would opt for different types of mirrors, but as one of the beneficiary users of the ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror, I am usually confident in front of the mirror as I apply my makeup.

The powerful magnification of up to 10X makes me see the tiniest detail when applying makeup. With the LED bulbs, am always assured of natural bright light and I only need to plug my mirror on my bed switch through the USB cable provided.

The mirror’s base is decent and its stable, enhanced with the tilting and folding feature I’m able to get a panoramic view of my face.

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