6 Best LED Makeup Mirror – Expert Beautician Suggestion in 2018

Best LED Makeup Mirror: Comparison

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When we talk about best LED makeup mirror, we don’t talk about expensive mirror neither cheap one. Here in Makeupkitz we went through twenty mirrors available in markets and acquired every details you can ask for, to get you a satisfactory answer. Keep reading down we believe you won’t be disappointed by our test results.

If you are in a hurry you can just go through our rating table with useful quick review, or else keep reading for in depth review.

What is the best home LED Lighted Makeup Mirror?

Well let’s not make this a grand long thing! In a simple way to understand the question, the answer is. It ultimately depends on your personal preference. As long as you can assure the quality of materials, design and budget. Any mirrors meet this criteria can be good one.

How we have selected best rated LED Mirrors?

As I mentioned earlier we checked every possible facts of the mirror. Let me clear it out for you. Things we went through to find out a best rated LED mirror is mentioned bellow.

  1. Build Quality: Must have to build with quality materials. Some of our best choices were even metal build.
  2. Lighting Conditions: We have specially looked for LED makeup Mirrors means it must have to build with LED lights. Then went through the variations and the capacity of the light that particular makeup mirror produced.
  3. Cost: Anything cheap is not good. That’s not always true. We keep one thing in mind Price should not be too good to be true. Again it won’t broke your bank account.
  4. Features: It’s 21st century now we have lot of things that can do multiple task at once. We tried to find mirrors that are as modern as you.
  5. Extras: Lots of mirrors lots of option can always be We went through numerous extras and make a decision, ready for you on the table. Like warranty, free/safe shipping policy, accessories they provide free with standard package.

Fact you should know about buyer ratings

We often check the numbers of review that product has in Amazon. But truth is, not only the number of reviews make that product right, the percentage of total review as well. So next time when you buy something, don’t just count the review numbers. You should check how much they liked it.

Let the Journey Begin:

How many times have you left your house and realize that you applied too little or too much makeup? Several times, right? It could be because you do not have the right makeup mirror to help you apply your makeup well. A poor makeup mirror will give you poor lighting which affects how you apply your makeup. To avoid such nightmare today we will discover best led makeup mirror.

You need to walk with confidence knowing that your makeup is flawless. This can only happen if you have the best LED makeup mirror available on the market today. These mirrors work well in guiding you on where to apply your makeup as well as produce natural-like light. Here are some top LED makeup mirrors on the market that work really well.


1. Chende White Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror

The Chende White Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Light Tabletops Lighted Mirror with Dimmer, LED illuminated cosmetic Mirror is a must-have for every girl. It is what every girl should not miss in their bags.

Its design is beautiful and has class. It is made of high-quality aluminum frame and has a wooden base. The free dimmable LED light bulbs provide you with plenty of brightness for you to apply makeup even in the dark.

Installing the mirror is an easy task that will take the least of your time as long as the instructions on the user manual are followed carefully.  The mirror is mounted on the wall and therefore you cannot be able to carry it with you when you travel but it is the perfect mirror for your bedroom. The aluminum frame makes the mirror last for quite a long period of time giving you a long period of use.

  • Aluminum frame elegant design
  • Front on/off rotary dimmer switch
  • Ease of installation
  • Easy makeup application
  • Detachable wood base
  • Available in white only
  • Has no magnification

2. Upper West Collection LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

When doing makeup, what matters the most is the details of your face, to ensure that you do a perfect job. The 7X Magnifying Lig

hted Makeup Mirror LED by Upper West Collection is the mirror that you need to assist you to do that ideal job. The 7X magnification, allows you to focus on the different parts of your face keenly without any straining.

It is lighted to enable you to adjust the light whether you want it to be more bright or dim depending on the room that you are in. It is flexible in such a way that you can adjust it to any angle and position that you would want it to be in. It is portable, giving you a chance to always carry it around with you when you are traveling to whichever place.

It also has a beautiful design that would perfectly match with the design of your bedroom. The mirror is built using top quality material making it highly durable compared to the other types of LED makeup mirrors.

  • Unique flexible arm
  • Ease of use
  • Durable
  • 7X magnification
  • Ease of installation
  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • Cannot operate two power sources at once

3. Fancii Daylight LED 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Installing a mirror can be hectic and that is why I have a mirror that will give you an easy time when installing it. It will take you only 5 seconds after you read the installation instructions in the manual. The Fancii Daylight LED 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror is the mirror.

You can easily attach, twist and lock the mirror in place. The innovative locking design allows you to securely attach the mirror on another mirror or any other flat surface in your bathroom. You can also detach the suction cup with a simple twist to unlock the mirror and you can carry it with you to wherever you are traveling to.

The mirror is equipped with energy-efficient daylight LEDs that will brighten your face and provide you with natural daylight for the most natural look that gives you your best. With the 10X magnification, you are able to zoom in on even the smallest details on your face for you to highlight your best features.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Natural daylight LEDs
  • 36 degrees adjustable swivel
  • Easy-lock suction mechanism
  • Chrome finish
  • Batteries not included
  • Doesn’t stick to surfaces such as drywall and textured walls

4. Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror/Natural Bright Light Makeup Mirror

The Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror/Natural Bright Light Makeup Mirror is one makeup mirror that is made from premium quality material and designed to last for a long period of time. Once you purchase it, you are able to use it for quite some time without it breaking easily.

It uses both cable and batteries to supply power. The vanity mirror also features one portable distortion-free 10X magnification spot mirror that is ideal for providing exceptional details when you make up.

It is amazing how the mirror is controlled by touch sensor switch that allows you to turn the LED lights on and off and also the switch enables you to adjust the brightness whenever you want to do makeup. You can be able to rotate the mirror 180 degrees and fix it at any position and I is designed to resist scratches.

  • Two power supply mode
  • Trifold wide-view design
  • Humanized switch design
  • Made from premium quality material
  • Portable design
  • No batteries included
  • Cannot operate using batteries and cable at the same time.

5. BESTOPE LED Touch Screen Makeup Mirror

Are you not sure of what to get your girlfriend for her birthday? Worry not because I got you covered; here is something astonishing that she will never say no to. The BESTOPE LED Touch Screen Makeup Mirror is the perfect and the ideal gift for her and she is going to love it.

The makeup mirror features adjustable view angles so that one can clearly see her makeup at any perspective, it doesn’t give room for any mistakes when she is doing her makeup. It allows 180 degree swivel rotation and it’s therefore easy to get the right view of the face.

The LED lights brightness is adjustable by touch control button in the mirror. With the mirror, one can see all the tiniest make-up details that are not visible when a big mirror is used. It is one professional standard makeup mirror that is a must-have for every girl out there that loves doing makeup.

  • 21 adjustable white controls
  • 1X/2X/3X three different magnifying mirror
  • Dual Power supply you can use 4 AAA batteries or power adapter
  • Micro USB cable
  • User manual
  • Cannot be powered by USB and battery at the same time
  • Not water resistant

6.BeautyFace Tri-Fold Bright LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Without the correct or rather enough lighting, makeup can go wrong. Nobody ever wants that because it would be a waste of time and the makeup itself because you have to redo it.

With the BeautyFace LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, Tri-Fold Natural Bright Light Natural Mirror you can forget about makeup going wrong. Its new generation lighting system simulates natural sunlight for the brightest, most color-correct view for you to have the best makeup session so you can step out looking amazing.

Its trifold wide-view design features a center-wide viewing mirror and two adjustable folding side mirrors that provide you with a broad view and optional viewing angles. Its power supply is both battery and cable operated and with the touch sensor, you can control the LED light, to turn on/off and also adjust the brightness.

  • Humanized switch design
  • Excellent dual power supply mode
  • Trifold wide-view design
  • Next generation lighting with 36 LED.
  • Smart dimming touch sensor switch
  • You cannot be able to hang it from a hook
  • Doesn’t come with batteries

Best LED Make Up Mirror Buying Guide

Buying the best LED makeup mirror can be catastrophic if you do not know what exactly you are looking for in a mirror. Here is a guideline that will make it easier for you to select the best that you want.

1. Mirror Power Source

LED mirror needs to be powered up in order for you to use it. There are those that are corded while others are cordless. It’s therefore up to you to choose the one that you think is perfect for your use. If portability is a matter of concern for you, then the battery option is advised and the batteries are rechargeable.

Large mirrors are mostly the ones that are corded because they require more wattage for proper illumination compared to small sized mirrors which are mostly cordless and power up by the use of batteries.

2. Size Of The Mirror

LED makeup mirrors come in different sizes, that is, from the travel-sized compact mirrors to the large-sized fixtures on dressers. If you are looking to purchase one that you can travel around with then you should get a small and portable one.

But if you are looking for one that you can fix on your dresser or mount on your wall, then you can get one that is medium sized. You should also consider the size of the mirror if it comes to the storage space available in your bag when traveling and also the space on your wall where you want to mount the mirror.

3. Fog Resistance

If you are purchasing a makeup mirror for your bathroom wall, then you should ensure that it is fog-resistant so that fog doesn’t build up on the mirror after you have taken your warm shower. Look for one that is coated with glass which causes the water to bead up instead of letting the water deposit as fog on the mirror. With the glass coating, your mirror will not corrode and it will spare you the energy and time you could have spent cleaning the mirror often.

4. The Magnification

Multiple magnifications in the mirror is a must consider before you invest your money on the mirror. Multiple magnifications are meant to help catch the finer details unlike when you use a normal mirror. With the magnification, you will be able to focus on every detail on your face without leaning forward and straining your eyes.

With a normal mirror, you only get an overview of your face but with a magnified mirror, you can look into every detail on your face that the normal mirror cannot be able to focus into. Even without glasses, you cannot miss out the details on your face with the magnification.

5. Flexibility

When grooming and doing makeup, we always wish to look at ourselves in every angle possible and get the best views. Look for an LED mirror that you are able to swivel, swing or tilt at any angle that you want.

Even if the mirror is to be mounted on the wall, ensure that it features an adjustable arm that you can use to manipulate the position of the mirror. A flexible and adjustable mirror is what you need to apply your make up to ensure that you reach every part of your face without struggling or rather straining too much.

Final Words

What is makeup worth if you can’t put it correctly? That is one question out there that is for all of us. We all need to look at ourselves when applying makeup because nobody can do makeup blindly. Even the makeup artists themselves need to make up mirrors when doing makeup despite the fact that they are pros when it comes to makeup application.

Even you yourself need a mirror to look at yourself before you step out of your house and that is why the article above is a must read for you in order to have information about the best LED makeup mirrors available in the market.

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