6 Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews in 2018

The makeup that looked flawless in your bathroom mirror doesn’t look so distinguished in your car mirror, or your office mirror, does it? I know what you are thinking and no, you are not lousy at doing your makeup. You are probably missing on one of an essential makeup routine secrets. The lighting! Yes, absolutely. You are not the problem, your mirror is. With the best lighted makeup mirror, you will be turning heads because your makeup will be flawless. No more missed spots or mismatching eyebrows. Your eyebrow plucking will be next level and the mascara smudges will be a thing of the past.

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror: Comparison

I don’t want you to feel frustrated over your makeup routine one more day. I’m here to help you. Get that makeup confidence as you should with quality lighted makeup mirror. You have spent a lot of time in front of that mirror and you deserve it.

Lighted makeup mirrors provide you with the perfect lighting to work on your makeup. You will deal with overdone concealer as well as foundation troubles. Read on as I take you the topnotch makeup lighted mirrors in the market.

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Beat down the frustration and walk head high with perfectly done makeup.

1. Simple human 8-inch Sensor Mirror, Lighted Vanity Mirror

If you are looking the best lighted makeup mirror then Simple human 8-inch Sensor Mirror on the top! That feeling that someone is totally aware of your presence. Wonderful feeling, isn’t it? That someone lights up because you are with them. Well call this lighted mirror your best friend because it has this amazing feature, it recognizes your presence.

This mirror has a multi-sensor that aptly responds to your activity around it. Isn’t that just perfect? As you approach the mirror it lights up and its sensitivity escalates during use. It, therefore, will not go off on you unexpectedly. You can absolutely rely on it. When you are done, it effectively shuts off.

It is designed with a Tru-lux system at 60 lux and an impressive color rendering index of 90. This makes it super bright and is in close proximity with natural sunlight. It has a consistent light reflection that will enable you to see your makeup color for what it is.

Even more important is the guaranteed comfort you experience while using it. It is possible to adjust the mirror way back enabling you to use it even while standing. With the right magnification, you will work on your face inch by inch. This enables you to cater for every part of your face.

No one gets excited untangling messy cords. This mirror had a perfect solution as it is cordless. Being rechargeable, it recharges with the standard USB cable and will go on for five weeks before you can charge it again.

This is the ideal mirror you want in your house.

  • Has an automatic sensor that works efficiently.
  • Its arm is adjustable allowing for easy use.
  • Bright and distortion free
  • Gives superior reflectivity
  • Perfect magnification for any task
  • The light can be damaging if you are around it too much.

2. Sanheshun 10x Magnifying Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

We listed Sanheshun 10x Magnifying Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror as the best lighted makeup mirror list . Some of us by nature are travelers. One way or another we can’t keep in the same place for long. It is all travel and nothing less. It has mostly to do with our jobs really and adventure for few.

If it is for our jobs, then we certainly have impressions to make and reputations to maintain. Though it may seem insignificant makeup will play a role in this. Horrible mascara smudges have never impressed anyone. They will not even in the near future.

The Sanheshun 10x Magnifying mirror, therefore, makes for a wonderful travel companion. Perfect lighting will not be guaranteed to you in the hotel rooms. It is better safe than sorry. Carry your Sanheshun lighted mirror! It is comfortably portable with ideal weight and compactness. You will be surprised just how conveniently it attaches to mirrors for use.

It is designed to illuminate natural warm and exceptionally bright LED for effective apply makeup. The mirror produces 475 lux lights. This light goes up for close to 10,000 hours.

You can easily adjust it to a mirror and rotate it at your preferred degree all the way to 360 degrees if you have to. Just unlock suction by twisting anti-clockwise and clockwise to lock it on a clean surface.

It is operated by 3AA batteries. It has a switch which enables you to vary brightness as well as turn the light on and off.

This mirror is exactly what you need next time you are packing a makeup kit for travel.

  • It is very light hence easy to carry.
  • Can be used on any clean flat surface.
  • Putting it into your traveling bags is easy.
  • Powerful magnification to help you see details
  • The mirror is portable
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • The on/off switch is super sensitive.
  • It will require you to remove batteries before putting it in your travel bags so it doesn’t accidentally turn on.

3. Simple Human 8-inch Wall Mount Rechargeable Mirror

This mirror is a perfect choice for anyone looking for flawless makeup days. It is a high-quality mirror which will not disappoint its user. The fact that that it is made of stainless steel assures you that it will be long before you are out looking for a replacement.

With a magnification power of 5x, even the tiniest flaws are visible to the mirror. This will ensure your makeup is smooth as well as professional. On this mirror, you will be able to take a glance at your whole face with precision. Pore after pore if necessary.

Its brightness and natural sunlight stimulation is something you are yet to yet to experience with any other mirror. It has a Tru-lux light system whose only comparison is natural sunlight. It has a high Coloring Rendering Index of 90 whose full-color spectrum pays attention to the least of details.

Your days of uncomfortably hanging cords with this mirror are long behind you. It is cordless and you will only have to recharge it every 5 weeks. That is more than a month of efficient lighting for your makeup routine.

  • It is a detail-oriented mirror.
  • It will go up to five years before you charge it.
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel making it durable.
  • It is cordless.
  • It has an on and off sensor.
  • It is pricey

4. VANDORA Lighted Makeup Mirror

Vandora Lighted makeup mirror caught my eye the moment I saw it being displayed for sale. The mirror will meet most if not all your make-up needs. It has incorporated various features that make your make-up session such a unique and fulfilling experience.

The mirror will make you feel very comfortable since when installed in your makeup room it brings that sensational visual impression of class and status. It is beautifully crafted with a round base that keeps it firm and stable ensuring that it does not topple on slight push during make-up.

Its design draws its inspiration from Chinese make of cheongsam thus is able to reflect your body parts clearly during make-up. The mirror allows you to rotate it up to 360 degrees making it very flexible. The images formed from the mirror are more than bright due to the presence of LED light in the mirror.

You will never make errors of applying excess make-up since the mirror has 5 X magnifications thus gives you big images allowing for right cosmetics application. The iron-carbon alloy in the mirror ensures that your mirror is free from rust and thus lasts for long.

  • Magnified clear images.
  • Flexible during use.
  • Classy visual impression.
  • Hard to handle the battery

5. Jerdon JS811W 8-Inch by 11-Inch Rectangular LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

The Jerdon JS811W Adjustable Table Top Makeup Mirror is responsible for providing a clean and bright reflection by using the LED lights. This LED lights are lined around the mirror in order to distribute light evenly. This ensures that you are able to conveniently apply your makeup using bright lights of the LED lights.

This mirror is easily portable due to its compact design. Its portability is featured by the 8 inches by 11 inches in size and the weight which measures 1.5 pounds. Due to its size, this mirror will easily fit on table tops.

To have a close-up makeup application, this mirror has an adjustable tilt stand and a 3-inch sliding spot mirror. The mirror has a 10x magnification and can be adjusted sideways or up and down in different angles. With the high magnification and adjustability of the mirror, you are able to apply your makeup evenly.

This mirror has an accessorized storage tray located at the base of this vanity mirror. The tray is organized to store smaller items like brushes, tweezers and other items that you use daily.

  • Portable and can be adjustable at different angles
  • LED lights distribute light evenly
  • 10x magnification for close up make-up application
  • Provides larger viewing area when placed behind the main mirror
  • Low power requirement
  • It has a white finish which complements its design
  • The light isn’t smooth and clear

6. 10X/1X Natural-Light Wall Mirror

The 10X/1X Natural Light Wall Mirror combines the daylight dimmable spectrum and fluorescent light bulbs. The lights simulate the natural sunlight to provide glare-free and blur-free images. This enables makeup application to be uniform and smooth enhancing the cosmetic applied.

For the best viewing angle while applying make-up the mirror is able to swivel to 360 degrees. This is combined with 1X to 10X magnification for easier conversion and detailed makeup application. You are also able to turn 90 degrees on the wall with the extended arms.

This mirror complements your décor with its versatile and attractive nickel finish. This means you are able to acquire the best finish for your wall.

  • The fluorescent light bulbs simulate natural sunlight
  • You are able to swivel the mirror through 360 degrees
  • This wall mounted mirror complements your décor
  • It has a magnification of 1x to 10x for easier conversion
  • You can turn the mirror to 90 degrees with its extended arms
  • The mirror is heavy

What To Consider When Buying A Lighted Makeup Mirror

Having the best lighted makeup mirror can make a difference in how you apply your makeup. Before purchasing any lighted makeup mirror, it is great if you consider the following things.

  • The Lighting Powers: The sole reason you are buying a lighted mirror is because the lighting in your bathroom or hotel room is unsuitable for your makeup routine. It is therefore important to ensure your mirror will have efficient lighting. You also want to ensure it works for a long time and you will not have to recharge it time and again
  •  Portability: For those are constantly traveling, the portability of the mirror is something you want to consider. You want to ensure it is compact and will be safe in your traveling bags.
  • Finish: Based on your home décor needs you will want to ensure your mirror will not stick out like a sore thumb. Ensure your mirror greatly complements your furniture. Let the beauty of your house reign.
  • Size: The makeup mirrors come in all sizes. You want to be comfortable while using your mirror. Based on the height of your dressing table, choose a mirror you will comfortably use whether sitting or standing.
  • Adjustability: How far back can the mirror bend? Through which angle can you rotate the mirror. This is important because when applying makeup, you will be turning your head a lot. Your mirror thus should be able to cater for this.
  • Price: Make sure your mirror will not cost you a fortune and end up disappointing you. Also, ensure you do not compromise quality for cheapness.

Final Words

Makeup is an essential part of people’s lifestyle. Even with the most expensive makeup from recognized brands, if it is not well applied it is a waste. It is therefore important to invest in one of the best lighted makeup mirrors available as I have explained. If you work in a beauty parlor, your customers will be satisfied with these incredible mirrors. Go out and get your lighted mirror

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