10 Best Makeup Train Case Review Professionals Choice 2018

Buying a makeup train case as a professional is just not for only using it regularly.

It’s more or less likely an investment.

Getting a best makeup train case that not only meets your requirement but also manages through the harsh handling while traveling, is a huge hassle.

To make a decision, we come to the internet. Where we often ended up buying something way worse than expected.

Either you are a pro level makeup artist or not, either you need it for personal use or next upcoming YouTube project, getting a high-quality makeup train case is not going to happen in a nutshell.

When a professional’s travel, the biggest struggle for them is to organize everything into the train case in order, and everything should fit in. Because they don’t travel with just a makeup pallet and few brushes, they had to carry a whole lot of gigs. Top of that finding it back when it needed is another struggle. It applies to the personal use and young enthusiasts as well.

Makeup train case not only helps you to get things organized it also protects your makeups from inside and outside. Most of them come with plentiful of compartments which protects stuff not to hit each other. In case of any spillage, it protects further items not to get mixed up.


Best Makeup Train Case Comparison Table

  • The Winner
  • Our Ratings
    Ratings are based on Numerous fact like Quality, Price, Durability and Other factors checked by our team.
  • Ratings are based on Numerous fact like Quality, Price, Durability and Other factors checked by our team.
  • Adjustable Dividers
  • Huge Opening at The Top
  • High Volume Capacity
  • Longer Size Can be Hard to Handle for Short People
  • Strength
  • Super Balance of Money and Quality
  • The Saver
  • Our Ratings
  • Ratings are based on Numerous fact like Quality, Price, Durability and Other factors checked by our team.
  • Ultimate Style At Most Cheap
  • Topnotch Quality Material
  • Light Weight hence Easy to Carry
  • Single Sided Shallow Trays
  • Strength
  • Affordable With Glossy Look
  • 1st Runner-up
  • Our Ratings
  • Ratings are based on Numerous fact like Quality, Price, Durability and Other factors checked by our team.
  • Awesome Gift for Any Girl
  • Great Mid Size Travel Case
  • Well Protected From The Inside Out.
  • Smaller Size Tend to Flip Over
  • Strength
  • Multiple Area of Use
  • 2nd Runner-up
  • Our Ratings
  • Ratings are based on Numerous fact like Quality, Price, Durability and Other factors checked by our team.
  • Soft and Quality Material
  • Gorgeous and Premium Look
  • Spacious and Professional Grade
  • Lots Straps to Close Can be Annoying
  • Strength
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean

Let’s dive into the selection process of our Top Ten Makeup Train Case. How do we select? We go through a product like we are going to use it. But more professionally. Here in MakeupKitz, we have checked 46 additional product available on the internet. We have narrowed down our process by different approaches.

  • We ignored any product that is out of stock while writing this review.
  • We ignored if any product sellers customer services is not competent.
  • We dropped mostly a lot of product due to new model was launched, which is better than older.
  • We tried to avoid every counter fit or cheap quality train cases.
  • We considered spacious makeup carry cases with higher priority.

To read great tips and tricks on how to choose your best train makeup case, or curious how we have arranged our top picks. You can go through detail buying guide just right after the review. Go ahead you can come back here later.

10. Kemier Portable Cosmetic Organizer, Soft-Sided Nylon Rolling Makeup Case Review


There are numerous numbers of makeup train are case available on the market. Those are either compartment type or tray type. But the Kemier makeup case is one of its kind.

Kemier Portable Cosmetic Organizer, Soft-Sided Nylon Rolling train Makeup Case has no compartment, instead it is filled with pouches. We love that they have tried something new and that seems to work perfectly. It’s more functional the way it constructed. Top of that they have fitted a comfort grip handle that will make you feel like bless while walking down the street overloaded.

Key Features:

Fabricated with top quality nylon as main material across the whole body. It is not a hard shell type of cosmetic organizer, because of nylon made, it is soft. Equipped with high-end retractable frame handles to reach up to 45 inches, not only that helps to carry at adequate height, but also will keep it sturdy.

The fact that impressed us, is , it fitted with an extra durable skate wheels. That means now you can roll it on any type of surface. As we mentioned earlier about the pouches, six of them are into the center section. It is an impressive feature. You can put different things in different bags and zip it up. There is no way anything can comes out, even if you put it upside down.

They just didn’t put zippers out of the blue, it complements it. It’s smoother while new, and if you can maintain it, will remain same for years. Each of the side having a large compartment where you can store brushes or might push in some disposable item aside.

Ideal Use:

If you are a hair stylist, we recommend you to have it without any doubt.

For makeup artist who likes to keep things separate, this is the ultimate option across the internet. You will love that it looks like a suitcase but inside, it’s a travel cosmetic train case.

For semi-professional or home use, it could be a similar option as Pro MUA. And if you use public transports, this organizer bag will compliment you on the go. Soft material will prevent hurting you or others. Black color nylon material are less likely to look dirty and get scratched.

  • It has lots of pockets,
  • 4 pouches on the main booth, 2 on the flap area, 2 side pocket, 1 front flap pocket and much more meshes around everywhere.
  • Designated space for brushes
  • Soft nylon material to prevent.
  • Skate wheels to roll it on rough surfaces. This type of wheels is less like likely to catch hairs on the base.
  • The user has complained about broken legs and ripping off the zipper!

Ultimate Rating:

The conclusive impression of this product is fabulous. It’s out of ordinary. It nowhere looks like a rolling makeup train case from outside, which is a good thing, because now your case will not be stared by over excited people. We like this simple and tidy look of it a lot.

They have changed the theory of makeup train case which is why we will give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

9. Kemier 2 in 1 Professional Soft Sided Artist Rolling Makeup Train Studio Makeup Case Review


If you are looking for Studio Makeup Case or an omnidirectional Wheels 2 in 1 Professional Soft Sided Cosmetic Organizer, read this Kemier studio makeup case review. You can use this rectangular shape rolling makeup train case not only standard day to day usages, but also as professional needs. It is highly durable and will cope up with all of your harsh handling.

Key Features:

The outer body of Kemier studio makeup train case fabricated with nylon fabrics and the finishing result is outstanding.

According to the user reviews, it is long lasting, and destined to handle tough situations. The thick material is water resistance. Durable shoulder straps can adjust at your comfort level. Thick plastic buckles are given from all sides to secure the makeup train bag.

360-degree wheels that work well you can glide it at any direction only by the tip of your finger. On the top compartment, a 15 slot Velcro covered robust brush holder will hold most of the aftermarket brushes. Plastic lining fitted on the bottom to keep up the cleaning work at a minimum level.

The bottom part is fitted with Eight heavy-duty plastic drawers. You have to remove the flap first to uncover drawers, and then release the grip lock on the handle.

All the zippers are high-quality and open close smoothly. The telescopic handle is sturdy aluminum built, and it is comparatively easy to move around.

They have provided lots of pockets in every possible direction. As a professional, it will help to segregate different things in different sacks. There are two pouches under the top part lids. Those are portable and can be handy for storing more items.

Ideal Use:

If you love makeup, a high-end rolling makeup train case must be on your bucket list. Let’s check the fact how much user variation it has.

When you are a professional MUA, it is essential to impress your client. This will help you to look more legitimate. It is a definite choice for ones, who love professional looking gadgets and looking for a rolling makeup case with drawers.

When you are not pros nothing to worry about, it complements everyone. Those uncountable pockets make it an excellent choice for hair artist. Not only enormous types of hair brushes but also big bunch of your hair straighteners, and curlers will fit comfortably.

An entertainer can use it while traveling, this will help to ghettoized things, video maker can use it to store not only makeup equipments but also to store camera and other stuff.

  • Soft, thick nylon fabric protects from scars but durable.
  • Lightweight to carry is a huge benefit for travelers.
  • 360-degree rotational wheels help to move smoothly even on full load.
  • 8 built-in storage drawers that stay together. And hold things tidy.
  • A vast area of user compatibility will fit for everyone.
  • The top lid is not staying open while the retractable telescoping handle is up

Ultimate Rating:

Hope the Kemier studio makeup case review helped you guys to make a decision.  Our ultimate expression is that we are quite happy with the product. Such a useful train case with a large diversified coverage of user areas. Sets it way out of its leagues.

We will give it a big round of applause and 4.6 Stars out 5.

8. Ovonni LED Lighted Makeup Train Case, The Best Portable Makeup Station Review


When you purchase cheap makeup case with lights. The major problem with such train cases is the lights. First of all they barely produce enough light again which usually yellowish, and not only that, those lights became dangerously hot while using, even there are cases  of catching fires.

To avoid such phenomena we decided to hunt down best makeup train case with lights and produce a professional review, which must need to meet the modern safety requirements.

Ovonni LED Lighted Makeup Train Case and Portable Makeup Station is the product we decide to go. It’s modern and stylish. Installed with 6 dimmable LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. Which gives you desired control over the glare of lights. This freestanding Vanity Suitcase is all you can wish for as a professional makeup artist or performer.

Key Features:

The first impression of Ovonni LED makeup train case is just gorgeous. Especially that Rose Gold color, girls will get obsessed with it.

The surface feels smooth and looks glossy. When you physically see it, you will not miss the classy professional look. The main frame of the case is made of aluminum, surface covered by MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Interior protected by PU.

All of the eight corners are reinforced with metal plates. That protects the case while handling or traveling. Four detachable robust 360-degree rotational wheels to run this on any fashion ramp or rough surfaces.

To convert it into a professional makeup station with lights they provided four telescopic legs just under a back panel.

Ideal Use:

Anyone looking for a portable makeup station with lights can own it. The large size fits for any professional activities.

If you happen to be the person who does any stage shows, we highly recommend this.

For personal use, Ovonni makeup case with lights will complete you, all your makeup pieces will fit into it, yet will give you highly professional makeup setup at any time anywhere.

  • Expandability is one of the key features; you can merely pull a tray out of it and fix on the pulling handle. Now you can store all the tools while working on makeup.
  • It is Spacious and gorgeous all of that without compromising professional heavy-duty build.
  • Extra outlet to connect your tools. The incoming power cable is entirely removable, and much safer option for the long go.
  • Dimmable mirror lights will give you freedom of adapting brightness to your own needs.
  • Premium quality and dazzling look. This fashion equipment will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Net weight of the makeup case is 15.1 Kgs without anything into it. With makeup and everything, it will be heavier. It makes sense; there is a lot inside.

Ultimate Rating:

When you pay for premium, you expect to get the same. And the money you are betting with Ovonni is worth to every penny. Buying it is more likely to invest in the right place which will increase the value of your money.

We close it up with our expert’s rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

7.Seya Professional 45 Nail Polish Clear Panel Makeup Artist Organizer Cosmetic Case Review


There is plenty of makeup train case available for everyone, but we felt we need a unique product to introduce in best makeup train case list to our readers who have any relations to nail art.

Primary deference between Seya Professional 45 Nail Polish Clear Panel Makeup Artist Organizer Cosmetic Case and others is, that you have a 45 slot large tray to store Nail Polish and another 30 on the next slot. It senses like a haven for a nail artist.  It will end the struggles of carrying nail polish and getting them pilled up.

Let’s enjoy this Seya makeup case review which is one of the most fabulous nail polish organizer case available on current date.

Key Features:

Sany Beauty is with us for a while now. They sell different types of high-end makeup train cases. That’s gives us the impression of being a good nail polish case.

Bottom two-part of this makeup artist carry case is made of high-grade aluminum. And top compartment is made with clear vinyl. That makes it even more beneficial.

You can use it like showcase as well. The handle is sturdy enough to hold the maximum load. All the locking mechanism are high-quality stainless steel chrome toggle latch that secures to lock and go.

Ideal Use:

This professional makeup artist case produced in aim of those who happen to be nail enthusiast. But we found you can use it in a lot of other areas as well.

You can smoothly glide in any smaller bottles. Those essential oil bottles or transfer pipette will fit like a charm.

The bottom part will allow you to store other makeup stuff who knows it could be some of your top secrets! It is a perfect fit for nail artist, but useful for anyone with lots of smaller items to store.

  • Lots of small slots to store smaller bottles like nail polish or nail stamper cases.
  • Bottle holes for two size, which helps to store two different sizes, smaller one is A dime size bigger one is likely to a silver coin size.
  • Extra bottom compartment to bulky accessories.
  • Aluminum built. It is durable and lightweight.
  • Squire or odd shapes bottles don’t fit.

Ultimate Rating:

Ultimate impression on this Seya Professional 45 Nail Polish Clear Panel Makeup Artist Organizer Cosmetic Case is undoubtedly remarkable.  It is bigger than you are expecting, and will help you to get everything organized on your nail zone.

We will rate it as 4.75 stars out 5.

6.  AW 2in1 Black 38″ Lockable Makeup Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Train Case Review


If you are looking for the best makeup case with drawers, this could be the next favorite thing you bought.

The main feature of the train case is to act as a cosmetic organizer. The adjustable custom divider will make your trolley case super organized.  Lock key system to secure your gigs.

This one is a neck to neck competitor for Yaheetech 3 in 1 Professional Aluminum Rolling Makeup Trolley.

Key Features:

It’s built on the high-quality aluminum frame with high-grade ABS reinforcement for the rest of body.

They have reinforced and rounded up all the corner which is an excellent way to protect it. Honestly, we loved the internal making style.

There is makeup train case where you can put a lot of things and here is AW 2in1 Black 38″ Lockable Makeup Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Train Case, Interior looks not only cool, the full interior is covered by nylon lining to clean up inside easily. Exterior wrapped with EVA insulated lining this helps keep everything cool inside.

Ideal Use:

When we want everything as a professional to go along in a single box, we push the train case limit to the end. Such overloaded job it won’t do. This case is appropriate for best cheap makeup train case.

We suggest highly professional shouldn’t buy this. But if you are a beginner, it is definitely worth of money.

  • It is spacious will fit lots of items.
  • Best value for the money.
  • Both sides have excellent protection. Outside EVA Insulation and interior with nylons.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • 3 stage telescopic handlebar to adjust as you go.
  • Four 360 degree wheel will move it like a hoverboard.
  • Locking facility, which is ideal for unattended air travel.
  • Large size, yet broader opening, helps to store or retrieve everything easily.
  • No side handle can be hard while lifting on full load.
  • Customer has complained of receiving damage products. We suggest checking upon the delivery.

Ultimate Rating:

There is no arguing about AW 2 In 1 Lockable Makeup Train Case is enormous. It is quite a good fit for holding any amount of makeup items. Purely build for professional user intention.

We will happily give it a 4.8-star rating out of 5.

5. Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Cases Trolley Professional Artist Train Case Review


The best rolling cosmetic makeup case is something that every professional MUA dreamed of every day.

Ollieroo makeup train case is that something that will not only make you feels like your dreams came true, top of that it will help you organizing makeup.

We all have a burning desire to be a top-notch makeup artist in the world. Starting a journey on the right path, it is essential to choose right things along. Ollieroo made an aluminum train case that can fit everything you wish to have on the go.


Key Features:

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is the material what they have used to wrap the entire outer shell of this case. Underneath of wrapped ABS, they fitted silver color aluminum frame to hold everything right shape. Combination of this two lightweight materials made the train case superficial yet heavy-duty.

Inside of the case entirely covered by velvet fabrics, and it looks great. Stainless stills reinforce every corner of the train case.

Multiple layers are completely detachable, and you can lock them separately. Two wheels look made with high-quality plastics and its roll smoothly. Even on full load, it stands sturdy.

Ideal Use:

According to Ollieroo makeup train case customer review on Amazon, we can say this is a product that has vastly used by many different types of artists.

It is not only perfect fits for a Nail artist, but it also provides excellent features for a hair stylist. Doesn’t matter which makeover industries you are, it fits for all. You can load this up with your hair guns, or small portable foot spa, everything goes in. Just remember the size of lower compartment (H 11.8”X W 9.8 X L 13.4”) shouldn’t be more significant than your gears.

That’s being said; now we can at list understand, ideal user for Ollieroo makeup train case can be anyone, starters with little understanding of makeup or a full-time professional.

  • Loaded with 4 different sizes of detachable container which not only helps to partition things but also can use for several other tasks.
  • Lockable keys for every compartment gives you keep things stealthy and safe from anyone you don’t want to have access.
  • It is Spacious and fits most of the big MUA gears like dryer and irons
  • It is Lightweight and will reduce the stress of walking down the street with everything.
  • Telescopic handle to adjust the height at your desired level.
  • You have to remove all other compartments to reach the bottom one.

Ultimate Rating:

Buying anything with budget price is a bit tricky. Slighter you pay, lower the product quality become. And neither have we wanted to pay excessive. Good practice is making the balance of both.

That’s the scrupulous reason, we have reviewed Ollieroo makeup train case. It is mid-range, might not go for ages. But in budget price, this is the best makeup train case that we can recommend.

We give this a 4.85 out of 5 Star rating.

4. SHANY Cosmetics Soft Makeup Artist Rolling Trolley Cosmetic Case Review


Shany makeup case is one of the few proven soft sided makeup train case currently available on Amazon.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, think this way, there are 1.3 million people who liked them on their official Facebook page.

It is a trusted brand which is selling this same bag for around 3 years. And with minimal numbers of complaints. To make this Shany makeup case review more user worthy, we looked around the internet to make sure how does this perform with other professional MUA (Makeup artist).

Let’s find out how they think and what our test result is.

Key Features:

Because it is a soft sided makeup train case, we didn’t expect it to be hard.

The entire rolling cosmetic organizer manufactured with high-grade vinyl fabric. That’s gives a guarantee of quality materials.

The shiny fabric is made it looks one of a kind, and you will enjoy traveling with it. Unlike cheap case brands, they used same materials a lot on outer and inner both side of the Shany rolling makeup case.

When you open the top compartment, you will notice there is a detachable,  13 slot makeup brush holder with clear vinyl cover. It will help to avoid dust to get any contact with brushes.

We were stunned by the fact of its light weightiness. When it comes to handling load, this bag performs well. You can carry anything that fits into it.

Ideal Use:

Spoiler alert! This bag is definitely not for newbies.

While making Shany makeup case review, we have noticed many things that indeed indicate the uses of this bag will be for professional MUA.

If I elaborate more, the rolling train case is massive, 6 different trays to accumulate different things which are a lot more than daily uses. But those who travel a lot with their makeup gears will discover this extremely convenient.

Shany soft sided makeup train case is extensive, with the total area of 16”x12”x28” (inches). As a homegrown MUA, you can’t keep this around until unless you have that much items to carry on.

For pros, there is no way to go wrong with Shany makeup case, either you use it on makeup table or backstage.

  • Lightweight and high-quality soft materials.
  • Spacious, everything will fit into one training case.
  • Extra 3 mesh bag cosmetic organizer, will help you get things more organized.
  • High-quality vinyl which gives you freedom of using it any weather and any conditions.
  • Very sturdy, easy to carry, and easy to clean.
  • So many straps to secure things. Can be annoying easily.
  • With a full load (if you store lots of things) it will feel heavy to carry.

Ultimate Rating:

It is a professional grade bag. And will add massive value to the life of any professional MUA. We all know how hard it is to carry everything in one go. To help us on such enormous workload and continue that for years.

We will provide a 4.85-star rating on out of 5.

3. ROWNYEON PU Leather Professional Portable Travel Makeup Case Review


When we have to attend a quick client to attend, or maybe some personal items to fit, there is no way we can carry those big fat boys.

Rownyeon mini makeup train case is the best choice to cover such issue, something that will go with your personality. We can’t deny that people judge us by every means. When you choose something like this out of the ordinary, it naturally gives a personality boost.

Don’t forget as an added benefit it is one of the best travel makeup organizers.

Key Features:

It builds with lather on the outside and heavy-duty plastic foams inside. Both of this are easy to clean.

The leather handle on top looks real firm to hold and carry. It is a quality product, and it shows. Solid metal zippers are of outstanding quality. Thick foam coverage not only protects from daily uses but also it works as waterproofing. As a result, you have water resistance makeup case.

Everyone loves the detailing of this travel makeup organizer.

Ideal Use:

We tried not to bring smaller makeup organizer.

But the user area of this bag forced us to ignore that fact.

Anyone can use this bag. We recommend everyone to have one. Why? Because this is the best travel cosmetic bag in every means.

It is adaptable for every need. It has 11 removable divider pads inside, which is entirely removable, and re-adjustable. That gives it the power of being ideal for every makeup users.

The height of user variation is so vast for Rownyeon mini makeup train case that lots of camera users ended up buying it and they are happy with it.

  • Gorgeous look with highest quality materials which is quite a deadly combination.
  • Maximum user flexibility. One fits for all.
  • It is well-padded and will protect inside materials.
  • Ultimate gift idea for women. They will love it.
  • Perfect midsize travel makeup organizer 14.1X10.1X4.2 inches dimension.
  • Foam walls are not heavy duty.
  • Because it’s smaller size rather than those big fat boys, you have store carefully while using or else it can simply flip over.

Ultimate Rating:

Overall experience with Rownyeon mini makeup train case is awe-inspiring it is cute and beautiful. Enough for day to day carry. Well build. If you are thinking of a portable makeup organizer that will protect your expensive makeup gigs or make them organized you should have one.

Our total rating will be 4.9 out of 5.

2. SHANY Premier Fantasy Collection Makeup Artists Cosmetics Train Case Review


Shany makeup cases are one of the finest in the market. That sole reason could be enough to stay in the top ten list of best makeup train case. Its not only that, there is more to discover. The design and style are so diversified  that, this model comes in handy for anyone.

Even if you gift this to the eldest lady in the house, she will hop around like a baby bunny.

The first impression is gorgeous. Especially purple and pink colors are astonishing. You can search any of Nine amazing different colors.

Key Features:

It builds with professional grade ABS plastic. That not only gives it that classy look but also makes it durable.

Shany artist carry case handles and frames constructed with A grade Aluminum. We consider that to make this thing last longer.

From inside it looks great. To make your cleaning more relaxed, they have fitted plastic padding on the interior; it will come in handy on every cleaning.

We would appreciate, if four different compartments to sort , would deeper than 1 inch. They have added a mirror on the top as an added benefit, its good one, and it comes very beneficially on the go.

Ideal Use:

Any makeup enthusiast will love this product. It’s not that gigantic, or vast spacious carry case. Still, it will cover massive ranges of various makeup pallets, top of that a hair drier will also fit comfortably.

If you are in hunt of something gigantic it might not satisfy you. But for day to day use, it’s perfect. If you are an amateur makeup artist we recommend to go for it, SHANY Premier Fantasy Collection Makeup Artists Cosmetics Train Case will be perfect for home use as well.

  • Premier quality materials, and stylish look.
  • Two different locks to keep unwanted visitors away from the makeup cases.
  • 12.5” X 8” X 8” medium dimension with three trays and a large hold, is a perfect fit for most of the users.
  • A makeup brush holder
  • A shoulder strap to carry on.
  • Mirror hinged on the top cover, which is handy.
  • Tend to tapped over on expanded position. But you can avoid it by putting heavy things on the bottom.
  • Trays are all on a single side, and they are only 1 inch shallow.

Ultimate Rating:

Due to its high quality and massive user area coverage, we will provide 4.95 stars out of 5.

1. Yaheetech 3 in 1 Professional Aluminum Rolling Makeup Trolley Artist Train Case Review


When we ask professionals what should be the biggest key point of selecting the top makeup train case list, they replied, will everything fit?

Or not?

Yaheetech 3 in 1 Professional Aluminum Rolling Makeup Trolley Artist Train Case challenges that back. This large trolley is all you can ask for to fit whole basics of a makeup studio.

Key Features:

With a 66 pounds capacity, it certainly needs to be a state of the art product. Is not it challenging to build something that strong with only aluminum?

Yes, it is. So it’s not entirely constructed with aluminum, frames are shiny aluminum and rest is covered by composite material.

User loved it. Most of the professionals, rate Yaheetech products on quality materials.  We think this makeup train case is something, where everything were well put together, which is an excellent option for the cheap rolling makeup organizer.

It is lightweight but super sturdy. We found two bottom fitted wheels are no problem to hold it during storage. The telescopic handle is also an excellent metal built and easy to carry the whole thing.

Ideal Use:

Imagine, you can put a full bag of tools, a blow dryer, three curling iron, and still left space for few more makeup palates.

Well, that’s how big its lower compartment is. It is a full grade professional cheap makeup train case.

It can fit with any pro makeup artist. But yet for newbies and semis, those have lots of gigs to bring, it could be a great fit. Those who are looking for cheap rolling makeup case this one is absolute best big makeup case to choose.

  • Well-capacious will fit lots of items.
  • Lots of compartments lipstick or conditioner anything can fit.
  • 8 adjustable dividers with removable middle one, will give you great flexibility.
  • Designed for professionals, so it practically fits your needs.
  • The large opening on the top to provide the right to use to inside.
  • Exceptionally affordable price tag. Can’t expect more.
  • It is huge which can be hard to control for younger and short people, especially if you are below 5’3’’ while rolling.
  • Some customers complain about receiving damage products.

Ultimate Rating:

If you are the person who is less likely to take care of your things, you must not buy this. But this is the unbeatable option for trolley makeup case that is just around 75$. You cannot have anything better than this on that money. By keeping that in mind.

We will give it a 5 Star rating out of 5.

Buying Tips to Choose Train Case :


Let’s assume you have no idea about how to choose your best train makeup case.

Obviously, we are not judging you.

It’s better to start from the scratch. We often learn things that are scattered. Even at the beginning of this makeup train case review, we felt the same. Industry experts always suggest ensuring all the concerns upper-hand of your purchase. Because it is professional equipment, we must have to calculate the Return on Investment.


Cheap VS Expensive Train Case:

Price is the biggest concern of choosing anything.  The author of, The Bombshell Business Woman: How to Become a Bold, Brave, and Successful Female Entrepreneur, Amber Hurdle, Says

Cheaper does not always equal better.

That exactly what we are trying to say. We are in hunt of something highly professional that will serve for years. We are not eliminating cheap train case.

We are suggesting to buy something that satisfies. Everything we purchase has a making cost, providing all the premium accessories will cost higher. But the question is how much? According to our research, you should have got a premium quality rolling makeup case can cost you around 100$.


Makeup Case

Elegance is the fact you can’t leave behind. Makeup gears are something that every MUA feel proud of.

Your makeup organization box must have to stylish To join such shimmering parade.  You have to choose something that makes everyone to say wow.

Not only what are you carrying inside is important, but also how are you carrying it is a fashion fact.


Makeup case dimension

Dimension indicates your needs. This is where personalization plays the hard role.

You should consider the number of things that have to carry. If you are long distance traveler, you must know, not all the size you can carry on an aircraft. Needs of Hair artist and Nail artist are different.

Your work type is a 2nd part of measuring. If you are attending lots of home service nearby, it might good choice to own a smaller train case. But if you are a stage performer or studio MUA you should choose portable makeup station with lights.


Best train makeup case

Professionals are way different from the league due to their working style and their tools. Why shouldn’t you be the one?

Let’s crack how to choose that something handy.

Consider a case that’s lightweight but sturdy. For rolling makeup case it better to choose four wheels with 360-degree rotation ability. Check the height of telescoping handle. It must match with your height. Choosing makeup bags with straps extend the comfortably to carry it on stairs.


Secured Makeup Case

No one wants to lose her/his items.

It’s not only about things getting stolen but also missing discreetly.

We cannot control an accidental tip-over of our case, but we can prevent it from spreading everywhere. Choose something with latch. And don’t forget to lock it after every use. You can prevent anything goes missing by tipping over.  Buying makeup rolling case with keys will help you to lock. It will eliminate the threats of thefts.


Best compartmental makeup case

The adequate partition can change your organizing habit dramatically.

Different space for your makeup brushes can help you to sort them by type.

Easy access to all the partition is another key point you should look for. Most of the train makeup case comes with one big compartment where you can store bulky items.

What most of them don’t have, is the customizable partition system.  We have given you few choices of such things can check in the review section.


Final Verdict:

We tried to consider every fact to bring the best makeup training case in front of you. By analyzing all this, we decide Yaheetech Rolling Makeup Artist Train Case as our preeminent choice. It’s not too pricey yet handy. You can trust it.

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