6 Best Travel Makeup Mirror List & Review 2019

Whether you’re just a normal person who wears minimal makeup, a newbie or an expert, you need the best travel makeup mirror. Don’t you want to look flawless when on the go?

So if you’re struggling to apply makeup on your wall mounted mirror, these travel makeup mirrors will give you that precision that makes you look even more beautiful.

Best Travel Makeup Mirror: Comparison

  • The Winner
  • Ratings are based on Numerous fact like Quality, Price, Durability and Other factors checked by our team.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Supper bright lights
  • The Saver
  • Ratings are based on Numerous fact like Quality, Price, Durability and Other factors checked by our team.
  • Best Value for money.
  • Folds down less than one inch
  • 1st Runner-up
  • Ratings are based on Numerous fact like Quality, Price, Durability and Other factors checked by our team.
  • Smooth 360degree swivel rotation
  • It has a compact design

There are however so many travel makeup mirrors on the market choosing one will be daunting. This is the reason we’ve put together for you a few of the best makeup mirrors in the market complete with a buying guide.

1. Magic-Beauty Lighted travel makeup mirror

Most of the mirrors do the job of showing our face in single piece. But really few of them can do the job perfectly. And while its term of doing makeup on the go properly, most of them will fall out of the standard. Magic-Beauty Lighted travel makeup mirror did the job tremendously while we were testing it. That is why we call it best travel makeup mirror. Ladies, if you do makeup regularly, then you clearly understand the need of achieving a perfect makeup. Lighted makeup mirror is the solution to your make up needs when traveling. It is perfect for flawless and easy makeup both at home and when traveling.

This mirror relieves you of the tiresome makeup process when in dull light. The lights on the mirror are pretty bright and can be adjusted depending on where a person is. The 1X and perfect 7X magnification can help one enhance even the tiniest details while doing makeup.

The mirror is compact and lightweight making it easy to pack when traveling. Its trifold design saves a lot of space. The mirror can also be adjusted to meet different angles and height since it can rotate up to 360 degrees.

The user can choose to either use the USB or the 3AAA batteries to power the mirror making it convenient when traveling.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Supper bright lights
  • Excellent for travel
  • Two options for power supply
  • Metal bracket for expanding the height of the mirror
  • Uses 3AAA batteries that are not included

2. Floxite LED Lighted Travel and Home 10x Magnifying Mirror

Makeup mirrors are generally versatile. If you don’t own one yet, this Floxite LED lighted Travel Mirror can be your first stepping stone.

It is a 10x magnifying distortion-free mirror. This means that your face will appear as it is without exaggeration or distortion.

Just like other makeup mirrors, his Floxite mirror folds down. The only difference is that it folds down less than one inch making it your perfect travel companion.

With the 8LED bulbs, your face will be clearly illuminated. You’ll see what you need to fix even in poor-lit conditions. These bulbs will never need to be replaced for the whole mirror’s lifetime.

You can use it on your vanity, in the office, on the road or anywhere you like visiting.  The most amazing feature of the mirror is its ‘hands-free’ use. The cover of the mirror is able to fold back to become a stand. You, therefore, don’t really need to hold it every time you use it.

  • It’s a 10x magnifying distortion-free mirror
  • Folds down less than one inch
  • 8LED bulbs for lighting
  • Versatile and hands-free
  • Comes with batteries
  • The angle of the mirror can’t be adjusted.

3. Jerdon MC339N 5.5inch Folding Travel Mirror

Looking for some elegance? Something unique from the usual travel makeup mirrors in the market? This Jerdon MC339N Travel Mirror is for you. Its unique design will make you the envy of your peers.

This mirror is one of the very few travel makeup mirrors with Nickel finish. Nickel is shiny, beautiful, elegant, long-lasting and rust resistant.

The other unique feature of this makeup mirror is its angles. Other mirrors are tilt up or down. This Jerdon mirror has a smooth 360degree swivel rotation. You can turn it to face any side you want.

With its 1x and 7x reversible magnification options, you’ll be able to ensure that every little detail is in place.

It comes in a compact design perfect for you who loves traveling or working in an office. It’s lightweight and portable.

The mirror comes complete with a velveteen travel pouch. It protects it from scratches and allows for easy storage. It can also stand up straight on any surface to put it on.

  • It has Nickel finishing
  • Smooth 360degree swivel rotation
  • 1x and 7x reversible magnification options
  • It has a compact design
  • It can stand up straight on any surface
  • It doesn’t have LED lights

4. Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

If you are looking for a travel makeup mirror you can use to give yourself facial makeovers wherever you are, this mirror is for you. With the Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror, you can tweeze your eyebrows, remove facial hair or apply makeup.

The versatility of this mirror is possible because of its magnifying power. With its 10x magnification, you can see those stubborn facial hairs. You can then reverse it back to 1X to apply facial creams.

For those traveling and never get chance to be prepared for, you can still use this mirror to fix your face in your car. This is because of the bright LED bulbs with quite better illumination.

It’s a 5′ Dia mirror and opposite side fixed with a 10X magnified mirror which is kinda win win situation. Quick makeup with added value of closer looks, who wouldn’t love that?

For easy storage and use, the mirror can fold easily to minimum in height. This makes it the perfect companion to those on the move. How ever it is suggested to check the weight upfront you can travel with such accessories.

  • It has 10x magnification with 1x reverse magnification
  • Its 30% brighter then others which is useful in dark/poor lit conditions
  • Easy to store
  • Ease fold to close feature.
  • Damn stylish!
  • No lights on magnified side.

5. Sanheshun 7X Magnifying Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

If you’re a makeup artist or looking to venture into it, this is the travel makeup mirror for you. With the Sanheshun 7x Magnifying Lighted Makeup mirror, you can travel to any location with your clients and still be able to glam them up.

Natural white light is the best lighting for applying makeup. This mirror is illuminated with adjustable artificial white light which is shadow-free. This will help you regulate how much makeup to use.

A unique feature of this makeup mirror is the touch activated option. Using one touch, you can switch the lights on/off or hold it to adjust brightness.

The mirror has 7x magnification that helps you see the details of your face. It’s 10x magnification option allows you to zero in on a specific area. With it, you can even see your pores.

Its powerful locking suction allows you to mount it anywhere. The flexible 360degree swivel arm allows you to use the mirror at any angle you want.

  • Illuminated with adjustable artificial white shadow-free light
  • Touch activated
  • Has powerful 7x magnification
  • Powerful suction for easy mounting
  • Operated by 3AA batteries
  • It can only be mounted on a clean flat surface

6. Folding Travel Mirror with Light

If you’re looking to look good and at your best anytime anywhere, you’re in the right place. This Folding Travel Mirror with light is the best travel mirror you need to look beautiful.

Compared to other travel makeup mirrors, this mirror is bigger than your usual compact mirror. It can however easily fit in your palm. This mirror packs a lot in a small package and very lightweight for you to carry in your makeup bag or purse.

This mirror has both 1x and 5x magnification. It allows you to apply makeup hassle-free even if you wear glasses. With it, you can easily pop pimples, floss, remove blackheads, apply eyeliner/mascara or tweeze.

It comes with LED light bulbs that will never need replacing. With the lights, you can apply or adjust makeup even in dark conditions like in the car at night.

In addition to all these features, it opens so easily even with slippery hands. The height and angles are also adjustable to allow for different viewing.

  • Small and lightweight to fit in your makeup bag or purse
  • 1x and 5x magnification allows for a hassle-free application
  • 100LED lights allow you to adjust your makeup even in low-light
  • Adjustable height and angles for different viewing
  • Comes inclusive of batteries
  • Lights may be too bright for people with light sensitivity

How To Choose The Best Travel Makeup Mirror

Travel makeup mirrors may seem very mundane to some people. But you have to put a lot of thought into it before you buy one. We all will agree to the point that traveling is always stressful. Don’t you think if we can reduce the pressure of carrying makeup all along then we have to learn how to choose a travel makeup mirror.

Here is the relief you wanted. We have lot of options to pick. All you need to do is make sure it is what you are looking for and the product comply with our bellow mentioned quality guideline.

Step 1: Type of magnification

It’s no secret that travel makeup mirrors have different magnification. The best ones range from 1x to 10x magnification.

Magnification is important for a lot of reasons. For example, if you’re putting on some eyeliner, your hands need to be very steady and you also have to be precise so that you don’t get uneven lines.

For this to happen, you will need a mirror with a 5x to 10x depending on your skill and expertise.

If you’re putting on concealer or some foundation you may need a lower magnification so that you see how it blends into your face.

So the magnification of these mirrors is different from one person to another. Depending on your frequency of use, skills, and expertise, get the best magnification for you. It’s advisable to buy a mirror with multiple magnifications for an easy time.

Step 2: Lighting? Yes or no?

The lighting in our rooms or offices isn’t the best for applying makeup. The yellow and orange light can be very distorting.

This is the reason you need a travel makeup mirror with a source of light. Though some actual natural light is needed, lighted travel makeup mirrors are the best ones.

The best makeup mirrors for travel are lighted by LED lights of different sizes, brightness, and numbers. The higher the number of LED lights, the brighter the mirror will be.

When they get worn out, you can easily find these LED lights from your nearest retail shop. If you can afford a mirror with adjustable light, you should go for it. They’re the best ones for maneuvering your face.

Step 3: How versatile is it?

When applying your makeup, do you prefer tilting your mirror? This helps you in seeing your results in another way.

For this reason, you may need a makeup mirror that swivels, tilts or swings. With it, you are able to tilt it to any angle for the best makeup application.

There are mirrors that can be mounted on Acrylic, glass, vanities or just a table top. If you’re a more hands-free person, it’s advisable to go for these mirrors.

There are some mirrors that come with storage compartments that allow you to keep small pieces of jewelry or makeup in them. These will serve you well, plus everything you need will be at arm’s reach.

If you like traveling a lot, you may need to get a portable and compact mirror that can easily fit into your travel or makeup bag.

Step 4: What’s the source of lighting?

If you’re getting a travel makeup mirror for your room, you may need to consider getting a mirror that’s supposed to be plugged into a socket. They’re easier to use and in the long run cheaper.

If you travel a lot or spend most of your time in the office, you may need to consider getting rechargeable mirrors. You also have the option of getting a mirror that’s powered using batteries.

Step 5: Cost

Makeup mirrors made with high-quality materials will cost more compared to those made with plastic for example.

The mirrors with extra accessories like storage compartments will cost more. Those that have been finished with expensive metal like Nickel will also cost more.

Those that come with carrying cases also cost more. The more the swiveling, the more the price. So basically you need a mirror that will fit your needs but won’t break your budget.

Final Verdict

The travel makeup mirrors come in varieties as we have discussed above. The one thing you may have noticed that’s common to all of them is the lighting for illumination and the magnification.

If you keep the considerations in mind, you will end up getting the best travel makeup mirror for yourself.

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