6 Best Vanity Mirrors Reviews – Will Rock Your Makeup Vanity!

Step out into the world with confidence. One way to ensure you do this is by having the perfect grooming which again will be triggered by counter-checking to see all is in order before leaving your home. A friend of yours may give a biased opinion but not the best vanity mirror.


A vanity makeup mirror will guide you in doing your makeup to perfection thus boosting your confidence when out into the world. A makeup vanity mirror will make your friends and relatives commend you for a wonderful look and as we all know, compliments grow our self-esteem.

Best Vanity Mirror: Comparison

Beauticians who have used different lighted vanity mirrors will concur with me that the mirrors discussed here are among the best vanity mirrors due to their unique and superior features.

1. Chende White Hollywood Make-up Vanity Mirror

The Quality of the mirror made me fall in love with the Chende White Hollywood Make-up Vanity Mirror with Light Tabletops Lighted Mirror with Dimmer. We have used this mirror during our wedding and he can’t help but praise this make-up mirror. The makeup mirror is made and packaged in a special way with quality features.

The make and superior features has made it have a long-term warranty just to give you the quality assurance. The mirror comes with dimmable LED lights which allow you to do light adjustment accordingly. You can use the make-up mirror even in dark areas of your house.

The mirror has a white aluminum frame that gives it a classy look especially if the wall on which it is hanged blends with it. The mirror comes in different sizes so you can choose one that suits your needs. The mirror is designed to be hanged on the wall and placed on the tabletop depending on your preference.

The mirror offers you very clear images that are large enough due to internal refraction and reflection. This ensures you do not strain as you apply your cosmetics as most importantly, you apply the make-up on the right body part.

  • Classy visual outlook
  • Flexible in that it can be on tabletop or on the wall.
  • Clear images thus easy make-up process
  • Brighter images due to LED lighting
  • Long-term warranty
  • One-sided mirror

2. Bestope Vanity Make-up Mirror

Your make-up room may be located in a dark corner of your house or maybe in a place where it is poorly lit. With Bestope vanity makeup mirror, your worries will be gone for good. This is the perfect choice for you if your room is not well lit. The vanity mirror comes with 21 pieces of LED light which are inbuilt in the structure of the mirror.

These light providers are adjustable and are controlled by a mere touch on the sensor switch on the mirror. They make the mirror images brighter and very clear. As for the images, the Bestope vanity makeup mirror ensures you have a big image thus allowing you to assess the make-up done on your body.

The magnification of this mirror is 3X hence clear fine details during application of cosmetics. The mirror is made in a flexible design whereby it allows you to turn it up to 180 degrees. The mirror is even more suitable as it allows you the option of either recharging it or using the batteries to power it.

Gender is never a limitation with Bestope vanity make-up mirror. Both men and women can use the mirror to do their make-up or even do hygiene activities such as teeth brushing or even shaving.

  • Suitable for both genders
  • Can be used even in areas not well lit
  • Big clear images
  • Double power choices for the users
  • The batteries for the mirror are never included in the package

3. Sagler Vanity Mirror Chrome 6-inch Tabletop Two-sided

In case you prefer your make-up mirror standing on your make-up table, Sagler Vanity Mirror Chrome 6-inch Tabletop which is Two-sided might be the perfect match for you. This vanity mirror not only gives you value for your money but also provide you with the much-needed comfort while doing your cosmetic application.

The chrome finish all-round the vanity mirror gives it a classy visual impression thus making you feel that you are using a good product. The images formed from the sagler vanity mirror are well magnified through the 10X magnification lens within the mirror structure.

The 6-inch diameter also brings about the formation of big clear images ensuring that you never strain when doing your makeup. The mirror base is well designed to make the mirror firm and stable on the table. Light push as you do your makeup cannot make the mirror to topple over and cause breakage.

The mirror is flexible in that you can rotate is 360 degrees based on your sitting position during the make-up process. The fact that the mirror is two-sided makes using it even more convenient as it eliminates the need to keep turning the mirror to suit your sitting angle.

  • Very flexible and two-sided
  • Big clear images
  • Stable base thus rare breakage issues
  • Fine chrome finish thus classy visual impression
  • Easily portable.
  • One must be seated when using the mirror or bend which might not be convenient at all times

4. Hollywood Lighted Makeup – Best Vanity Mirror

Are you tired of being the laughing stock of your crew due to makeup going wrong? This mirror will bring that to an end.

This mirror has LED lights all around it making it looking bright and there is no way you can mess up with your makeup. The lights also make your room look colorful.

The mirror also can be magnified 5x or 10x depending on what you prefer. This will give you a more detailed self-erasing all the doubts one might be having about their looks.

It comes with a stand a can be fitted on a wall where it cannot fall and break. The stand also has a place like a cabinet which can be used to place your makeup in one place.

  • It increases the lighting of your bathroom.
  • They are used for decorating purposes.
  • Their frame has a cabinet like where you can centralize your makeup.
  • They can be magnified up to 10x.
  • The bulbs can go faulty anytime in case of short circuit.
  • They cannot be operated when one is in contact with water.

5. Miusco Tabletop Vanity Make-up Mirror

Application of excess make-ups on your face and particularly the eyebrows should not bother you any longer. Get yourself the Miusco tabletop vanity make-up mirror which is designed uniquely to ensure that you have a clear image of yourself. The mirror has several features that distinguish it from the rest and make me rate it among the best vanity mirrors.

The mirror is very flexible with a pivotal support that allows 360 degrees rotational. The finishing is done in a stylish way with a fine material made out of stainless chrome. When doing your makeup, the mirror ensures you do not experience any distortions as it is large enough to accommodate your entire face.

This mirror is stylish that it would create a classy visual impression be it in your bathroom or even the living room. The base of the mirror is also well designed to ensure that it holds the mirror in a stable position to avoid toppling over of the mirror.

The optical nature of the mirror allows proper illumination of the images making them brighter and clear. The base besides being large is heavy which again adds to the stability of the mirror. It also has a smoothened surface which allows you to easily slide the mirror with destroying the top where it is seated.

  • Very stable due to the heavy base
  • Fine stylish stainless finish
  • Large surface area for viewing your image
  • Flexible
  • The large size makes it less portable

6. Artifi Lighted Makeup Mirror, Large LED vanity Mirror

Do you want to put on your makeup like a true professional? If your answer is yes, then I am here to let you know how that can happen. Get the Artifi Lighted Makeup Mirror, Large LED vanity Mirror and get people asking you how you do your Makeup that perfectly.

It allows you to put on your Makeup pretty well during the day and the night because of the adjustable brightness LED of the mirror. The full frame LED provides you with sufficient illumination at night or in poorly lighted conditions.

The mirror features 180 degrees vertical and horizontal rotation that can be easily adjusted to your preferred viewing angle. It is also designed in an elegant way in order to easily fit into the design of your room. You can be able to place it on your dresser or a countertop and it will stand perfectly because of its durable base that is steadily designed.

  • Easy to use bright LED illumination
  • Elegant design
  • Compact and steady
  • User cable and manual
  • USB and battery power
  • Only available in white

How To Choose The Best Vanity Mirror

Do you want to acquire a quality vanity mirror for your bathroom? Here are some things that you should consider.

Check 1: Size

When you are out there to make your purchase of a vanity mirror, consider the size. The size should be compatible with your bathroom or the make-up room. Size also determines how portable your vanity mirror is thus chosen a vanity makeup mirror that can be portable as the need arises. The manufacturers have ensured that they have varied sizes for same models hence giving you the option to select your preferred size.

Check 2: Mirror Finish

Final touches on your vanity mirror matter a lot. They enhance the visual impression of the mirror. Before you settle on any vanity mirror, check the finishing to see that it is done well and with the right material. The finishing should be done with a stainless material so as to ensure it is free from rust and rot.

Check 3: Warranty

At times when you are in doubt of the quality of the vanity mirror you are purchasing, check the warranty and it will guide you in this. Quality vanity mirrors have a long-term warranty as opposed to low-quality mirrors. The warranty gives you an assurance that in case of a fault in the mirror, you can access free repairs or even replacements.

Check 4: Base

The base of the best vanity makeup mirrors is very vital as it guides you on where to place the mirror. The mirrors meant to be placed on the tabletops ought to have a larger and heavier base compared to those which are meant to be hanging on the wall. If you buy a tabletop mirror with a small light base, you are risking as it can topple over easily and break with a slight touch.

Final Words

The best vanity makeup mirror in the market comes with different unique features that are meant to enhance your experience as you use the mirror in your makeup process. They ensure you have that perfect look as you step out of your house.

It is thus important to understand the different features of different vanity makeup mirrors so as to get the best when we are out there for purchase. The handling of the mirror during the makeup process determines how durable your mirror is as mirrors are naturally fragile thus needing a great deal of care to handle them.

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