Conair Oval Shaped Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Are you considering of upgrading your makeup mirror? Do you want to own one of the best lighted makeup mirrors on the market today? You can try the Conair Oval Shaped Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror, and the mirror will never disappoint you.

It gives you a perfect lighting such that you will not experience any chances of under or over makeup application. This mirror is perfect for any home décor. It has a polished chrome finish and classic oval design that enhances the look of your home.

You can adjust to any angle of viewing as well as get a perfect magnification to view the entire face or when you want to view specific details. Read the rest of the review to find out more features and benefits that you will enjoy when using this makeup mirror.

Main Features of Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

  • Magnification: Paying attention to the little details makes the difference in our entire success or failure rate. Particular and precise attention to details determines a successful person. The Conair mirror stands out as it takes into account of the finer details. The mirror has 2 magnifications i.e. 1X magnification and 7x magnification. Why have the two magnification? The 1X magnification is ideal for overall view while the 7X magnification takes account for the detailed information. The 7 X is ideal for example when doing your eyebrows, so you can know every single hair that has been plucked by the tweezer.
  • Flexible face: Before I was introduced to using the Conair mirror by my big sister, I took hours to the mirror to complete just a simple makeup task. Instead of enjoying making myself look good, I considered it a curse. I had to turn my faces like a hundred times in order to get a good look at the makeup I had put on. Ever since I started using this mirror, grooming myself is now my second best hobby. This mirror can rotate up to 360 degrees according to my preferences. This adjustable feature makes viewing easy, convenient and reliable.
  • Incandescent bulbs: Applying makeup doesn’t have to be a chore. With a well-illuminated makeup mirror, you can achieve the best looks and this is exactly what you get from the Conair lighted makeup mirror. The mirror emits some soft halo light when in use. This lighting is the optimum amount of light needed when applying your makeup. The halo lighting ensures a beautiful, incandescent glow so you can accent your best features.
  • Stylish finish: The Conair oval shaped double-sided light makeup mirror design is just awesome. The mirror is designed in such a manner that it can be easily set at the top of your vanity functionality. It adds additional décor to your room. The mirror comes with polished chrome structures that ensure good quality ensuring durability. The finish not only makes the mirror classy but also adds a decorative element to your room.
  • Fog-free viewing: Harsh weather conditions are a disaster. The morning can be foggy meaning there is no enough light to apply your makeup. A mirror that does not have an anti-fog agent absorbs water droplets from the air and deposits them on the surface of the mirror. The foggy condition on the mirror is what causes the fashion accidents. The fog on the surface of the mirror hinders you from clearly seeing what is really happening when you are looking at yourself in the mirror. The Conair mirror has been designed in a manner that ensures fog-free viewing. This feature makes me fall in love with the mirror ever time.
  • Double sided, lighted mirror: Portability is essential when considering purchasing a particular product, especially the delicate products. The Conair mirror has an ideal weight when one needs to move it from one room to the other. It has a long cord that further facilitates the movement. The double-sided feature also makes it very unique as you can use both of the sides. It is maximizing on beauty surface area.

  • Portable from room to room
  • Has a classy look
  • Durable
  • Has perfect magnification
  • Has soft halo lighting
  • Not suitable for travel as it is a little bit bulky in size because of its stand.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does the mirror run on batteries?

A: No it cannot light on batteries. It has a plugin and has an on and off switch.

Q: Is the angle of the mirror adjustable?

A: Yes, the mirror moves forward and backward and can rotate up to 360 degrees.

Q: Does the mirror get warm when used for some time?

A: No, the mirror doesn’t get hot. This is most probably because of the presence of the fluorescent light that makes the mirror stay cool.

Final Words

There are so many benefits that you will get from using a lighted makeup mirror. You can get a perfect lighting that makes it ideal to applymakeup. This mirror also gives you the perfect magnification to help you see details of your face. You can know when to add or reduce the makeup.

Well, congratulations in your fashion walk and grooming. ‘Scared of the fashion panic attack?’ There is a way to add more beauty- the Conair mirror has you covered and is always at your service.

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