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Conair Round Shaped Natural Daylight Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

One of the best feelings for any human being is when you receive a compliment. It does not matter what the compliment is all about but all compliments play a part in growing us especially by boosting our confidence and self-esteem.

Now if you want to win the heart of a lady, just compliment her on her make. That will melt her heart and by all means, you automatically become kind of friend to her. Proper makeup for the ladies means taking some time with the mirror and the make-up cosmetics so as to pull out a good looking outlook.

If you want to produce the best of anything, then you must use quality tools in the production. This is why manufacturers have come up with the Conair Round Shaped Natural Daylight Double-sided Lighted mirror. Try it out experience a wonderful experience due to the amazing features of the mirror.

Main Features of Conair Round Shaped Lighted Makeup Mirror

Fluorescent Bulb

A mirror requires some light either from natural sources such as the sun or from artificial sources. The artificial source of light for this classy mirror is a fluorescent tube.

Besides providing artificial light, the fluorescent tube is energy-saving which ensures you don’t incur surplus costs due to lighting the mirror.

The fluorescent tube is very effective in the lighting as it produces more light making the mirror well lit. Comparing its brightness to other mirrors, the Conair mirror is a bit brighter due to the presence of the fluorescent tube.

Double Sided Magnification

It is so annoying when you have to strain when doing makeup and particularly when you are in a hurry. This mainly comes about when the mirror you are using does not have proper magnification making it hard to apply your make up properly.

Before you start to feel settled on your decision I should let you know that this mirror is featured on the top magnifying makeup mirror list. Now that is something i can assure that you haven’t seen coming! At times you even apply makeup in the wrong areas due to poor magnification.

With the Conair mirror, this is not the case. The mirror has a double-sided magnification 10x which makes it easy and comfortable for the mirror users. With this mirror, you do proper makeup within no time.

Mirror Pivot: 

The effectiveness of any gadget is highly linked to how well the gadget is flexible in use and orientation. With the Conair mirror, flexibility is brought about by the presence of mirror pivot head which is strategically positioned to make it possible for you to use the mirror from any direction.

You can smoothly turn the mirror to your desired direction without any breakage or any inconveniences. This makes the process of doing your make up very easy and smooth as the flexibility assures you of reduced risks of breakage when handling the mirror.

Ultra-slim Profile: 

You cannot claim to finish a building structure without doing the final touches and giving the structure a fine finish. The fine finish touch is actually what catches the eyes of the viewers. For the Conair mirror, you will be drawn to it when on display by the slim profile that runs all-round the mirror.

The thin profile is made out of nickel material which again adds value to the mirror as nickel is known to be durable. As you do your rounds searching for the perfect model, go for this mirror as the slim profile makes it worth to even display in your premises.

8.5 Inch Diameter: 

The Conair double sided mirror will always ensure that you have enough surface area to view yourself as you do your make-up. This is brought about by the presence of the 8.5-inch round diameter. The huge diameter is actually responsible for the formation of magnified image through reflection inside the mirror. Together with the magnification lens, the large diameter ensures you get a clear image of yourself as you do the make-up and beautification.


The mirror is firmly held in a stable position by the base of the Conair mirror. This makes it easier for you to simply place the mirror on the surface and do your makeup without the need for extra support from elsewhere.

The base is made in such a cool design which is enhanced by the other mirror features attached to it not forgetting the color that smoothly blends with the entire components.

Why base is such an important feature? It is because even when you knock the mirror by mistake as you do your makeup, the chances of the mirror toppling over are minimal. It is thus a very key supportive feature of the mirror whose importance cannot be overemphasized.

  • Classy and smart appearance of the mirror.
  • No need for an extra supportive mechanism.
  • Clear large images.
  • Saves make-up time.
  • Very flexible making it convenient to use without several turning of the entire mirror.
  • The mirror is easily portable.
  • It must be placed on a high surface during use.
  • It is a bit costly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mirror good for households or just commercial uses?

The mirror is not restricted to beauticians only; you can acquire one for use at your home.

Does the brightness of the mirror affect the eyes of the user?

The light generated by the fluorescent tube to brighten the mirror is user-friendly and cannot have negative health implications on your eyes.

Are the mirrors available in all the retail outlets in the country?

Well, the mirrors are available in most of the authorized dealers who are fairly distributed in the country.

Final Words

Beauty comes at a price and you ought to be ready to pay the price. Though the Conair double sided mirror may be a bit costly, it guarantees you value for your money and people will be left wondering who your beautician is. With this mirror at your disposal, you can be your own beautician and do proper make-up that will make you stand out among people in a crowd. The features for the mirror make it good for use both at home and for commercial purposes. You try it out and you will be amazed by its services.

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