DIY Lighted Makeup Mirror

Every girl out there wants to own or acquire a lighted makeup mirror. This is because the lighted makeup mirror eliminates shadows, in order to have an even application of makeup. Most of these lighted make-up mirrors are not easy to acquire. That means the mirrors are above your budget limit. Taking this into account, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own DIY lighted make-up mirror? Sounds cool, isn’t it? That is what I’m going to take you through in this article. I will provide you with ideas that will certainly help you set-up a DIY lighted make-up mirror.

Making this mirror requires you to get the process straight and having the right materials. I will show you a step by step guideline, to make your own lighted make-up mirror. Here are some of the ideas you can apply.

Making your own Vanity Mirror

This is an easy project to undertake all you have to do is have the necessary materials. Then from there on acquire a mirror and the tools for making the vanity mirror. The materials and tools include:

  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Undercoat
  • 2 and 3-inch screws and a screwdriver
  • Zip ties
  • Light bulbs
  • Pencil
  • 28*34 inch plywood sheet with 2 pieces of 32-inch board pieces
  • 5/16: x 8′ 2½ ” PVC Tile Edging (L Shaped Channel)
  • 6 pieces of lamp socket with plug-in cords
  • Power strips
  • Construction adhesives
  • Pencil and drill

Materials can differ depending on how you want your DIY lighted make-up to appear. With tools and materials ready, let’s head to the process itself. First, we apply the undercoat to the plywood sheet and the 2 pieces of the 32-inch board pieces. Leave it to dry for about 2 hours.

Apply the paint evenly on the plywood sheet. You can choose any color that you want to apply. After this, lay your plywood piece and mark the outline with the pencil. Position the 6 pieces of lamp sockets on the plywood,3 lamp sockets on each side. It is not a must for you to have 6 lamp sockets; you can choose the number and shapes on which the sockets will be set.

For the lights, you can choose light bulbs or LED lights depending on your preference. The space between the sockets should be even. Make sure you also mark the outline with a pencil. Drill on the center of the circles or squares. Insert the cords through the holes. Screw your lamp sockets on the plywood.

DIY Makeup Mirror Light setup

By now you have already set, how your mirror will fit onto the plywood and traced with a pencil. Having done that, apply the adhesive to the back of the mirror and place it onto the plywood. The electrical power strip under the mirror will then be attached, using the mounting screws.

DIY Makeup Mirror Screwing

Drill three holes through the board pieces and screw them onto the wall. Ensure the painted area faces away from the center. After that, 4 holes are drilled through the wood into the wall boards and secured with the 2-inch screws. At this stage, the process is almost done.

DIY Makeup Mirror Cutting wire

6 electrical plugs are connected to the power strip. Then the strip’s cord is connected to an electrical outlet while the switch is turned off. The light bulbs are attached to the 3 sockets on each side. The power strip is turned on to light up your mirror. This lights up your mirror enabling you to apply your makeup much easier and the lighting is according to your preference.

You can also watch this video here on how to make your DIY Lighted makeup mirror

Easy DIY Bathroom Mirror With Sconces

Another resourceful idea is making a DIY bathroom mirror with sconces. The design is stylish and easy to make. Having the sconces to the mirror integrates the décor of your room or bathroom. In order to make this project successful, this is the procedure to follow.

First and foremost place junction boxes which will hold the sconces. From there, match up the junction boxes by cutting holes in the frame pieces. The frame pieces length is chosen according to the size of the mirror. In order to get the right pattern for the holes, use an extra junction box.

After cutting out the holes with a jigsaw, use the construction adhesive and 2-inch finishing nails to attach the pieces to the wall. The top piece should match the exact width of the mirror, this piece is attached also to the wall using construction adhesive and finishing nails.

On the nail holes, use wood filler. With that done, caulk all the joints with primer and paint it. The color and the primer used depend on what you would like to apply. You can easily choose what primer and what color to use. At this stage, the sconces can be installed, since the framework is set up.

Fit the mirror onto the wall using mirror mastic. Using the regular constructive adhesive will affect the silver reflective backing of your vanity mirror. Hence it is not advisable to use the adhesive. Attach some trim and ensure you have painted the back. If you don’t paint the back of the trim it will reflect in the mirror. The trim covers up the inside edges of the mirror.

With that, your vanity mirror with sconces is set up. The process is fairly easy and simple all you need is to create a simple stylish design that suits you. Having a lighted DIY mirror will ensure that application of your makeup is, without doubt, achieve enhancement of your appearance. That is what this vanity mirror placed in your bathroom does.

You can also watch this video here on how to make your easy DIY bathroom mirror with sconces

Final Words

Making your own DIY lighted makeup mirror is an easy process and saves you a lot of cash. You only require basic materials which are easier and cheap to acquire. The best benefit one derives from making this mirror is that. You are able to make the mirror according to your own preference and design. Most of the time, you may not find the design of the lighted make-up mirror that suits you in various stores and online platforms.

In my view making a DIY lighted make-up mirror will be the best decision you will ever make. I highly recommend you to follow the simple steps and enjoy the various benefits of this mirror. The lighting should be not too much or little to avoid distortion of your image.

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