What Everyone Must Know About Lighted Makeup Mirror

Mirrors are used worldwide by both men and women when doing their makeup or when they want to check if the hair is in its place. It does not matter how much experience you have in the makeup industry, will always need a mirror to check if the makeup is in place.

You will always need a mirror to ensure the look beautiful always when they want. A lighted makeup mirror should always be in your mind when looking for the best mirror in the market. This mirror gives you the best satisfaction that you want because it gives you a clear view of you when doing your makeup. Here are some important things that I thought you should know about lighted makeup mirrors.

1. Wall Mounted Mirrors

This type of mirror placed on the wall and whenever you want to use the mirror you have to either move closer to the mirror or further from the mirror. It is also good because when a mirror is frequently moving it can easily break.

The best thing about the mirror is one left with space for doing makeup, although you have to set the space on your own and should have a plug on the side where it is mounted, to ensure that the mirror has power whenever the user needs it.

2. Travel Mirrors

These are portable mirrors made in such a way that it is small and compact for easier packaging. Most women have this type of mirror in their handbags because they are attractive and the best in the market. The best mirror is the one that you can hold in your hand and should have mirrors on both sides and should be able to rotate 360 degrees.

Since these mirrors have a weighted base to help them stand on a flat surface, consider one with a strong base. It is because you can use it at home or in the office. A mirror for the kids should be 5 inches while that of an adult should be taller about 15 inches. Although this mirrors maybe small, they are designed in such a way that they show the whole of your face.

3. Source of Light

It is great if you consider a rechargeable battery and a plug on the wall rather than a replaceable because it is economical in the long run. A replaceable mirror will be uneconomical to the user both time wise and money wise.

The source of power should be convenient because some lighted mirrors need more power to properly reflect thus a mirror mounted on the wall should have a plug next to it.

4. Lighted Makeup Mirror Should Be Durable

When purchasing a mirror, one should be able to consider one that is long lasting a mirror that can give you the longest service. The led light mirror is durable compared to other types of lighting mirrors are made of led bulbs, because led lights are long lasting and do not require frequent replacement.

5. Technology and Style

You should go for lighted makeup a mirror that has the latest style and technology. This is because different mirrors come with different style and features. Select a mirror that fits their current taste, and you can afford. Choose wisely the best mirror that fits their wants and needs during a makeup session. You should always go for a mirror that is of class, and that also appeals to anyone who enters your bathroom for a makeup. This is because good looking mirrors will make your bathroom attractive.

6. Versatility

When purchasing a lighted makeup mirror, you should go for a mirror that allows you to view yourselves in different angles easily without limitations. A lighted mirror that can swing from side to side or for 360 degrees is considered the best. You can view yourself in different angles for a wider view. For tabletop lighting mirror and wall mounted lighting mirrors, you should always go for the one that you can easily adjust or can tilt it whenever the need arises by the user.

7. Vanities

This mirror purposely designed for makeup and it comes with drawers that one can store his or her makeup and skin products for easy accessibility. Everything required during makeup can found in the same place in the drawers. It saves time for the user because he or she can access everything in a centered location. It also improves how organized one will be because the drawers meant for storing the makeups tools.

8. Price

The price also matters when it comes to lighted makeup mirrors. You should purchase a lighted makeup mirror that is both pocket-friendly and also gives you the best satisfaction you require. Consider the best quality because it always gives you the longest service you need. Will help you as the user by ensuring that you don’t spend a lot in replacing the mirror if it is of low quality.


In the market, today you will get different varieties of mirrors with different sizes and purposes. Even an expert makeup artist also will need a lighted makeup mirror rather then normal makeup mirror.It ensures that the makeup he did looks awesome. The main characteristic that a mirror should have is that it should have its lighting used for illuminating.

The factors mentioned above are very crucial when one is considering buying a light makeup mirror. So, choose the best mirror according to your needs and wants and the also according to affordability. These mirrors can place into home in the bathroom or bedroom or the office.

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