Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Beauty is something well known to compliment a woman’s outside appearance and attracts people. This gives us opportunities to pay importance to our physical appearance and use beauty products and makeup to make ourselves look pretty and good.

Women are much sensitive on how they apply makeup on the face and thus one of the most important tools in this process is the mirror. Choosing a mirror is a personal decision and depends on taste and preference.

Fancii 10x magnifying lighted makeup mirror is a gift to me since its concave and forms an angle that reflects light back to the surface which makes my image while applying makeup fabulous. All the pores on my face are highlighted and this mirror magnifies the real image of my thus no part of my face is left out while doing my make and I ensure that all my makeup is evenly done.

Main Features of Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Description of the mirror

This mirror is used for make-up purposes and has a 10x magnification that allows me to really zoom on even the smallest details to highlight my best features while applying makeup. It is perfect for applying makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows and tweezing unwanted hairs. The mirror also can rotate 360 degrees making it adjustable in any angle I want it to focus. The airtight seal suction cup on the mirror provides a secure attachment on the mirror thus I can be able to attach it on any surface in my house. It also uses batteries thus is cordless and easily portable.

Direction for use of the mirror

I start by ensuring that suction mechanism on the mirror is unlocked by turning it in an anticlockwise direction. At this moment I take the opportunity to place the suction cup on a clean smooth flat surface. Then to lock the mirror into place and stability, I turn the suction mechanism that earlier I did turn it anticlockwise to clockwise direction. My mirror is now in the correct position for use and I put in mind not to stick my mirror on surfaces such as drywall, wallpapers and any textured walls.

Illumination and lighting

The mirror is 30% brighter and 60% less energy since it uses bulbs that consume less energy rather than the incandescent bulbs. It is also equipped with energy-efficient daylight LEDs that encircle the mirror and brighten my face and offers the provision of natural daylight for a natural look while doing makeup. The light is also more diffused and consists of sixteen LEDs to give natural daylight effect thus giving the most natural reflection. The light is bright and not blinding and has a pleasant white ray. I often use just use the light to brighten up the larger mirror while doing my makeup.

Suction of the mirror

The mirror is lightweight and not flimsy and the suction cup makes it a perfect travel or home mirror since it can be adjusted in any position. There is also a strongly suction mounted onto smooth surface of the mirror where I use to attach the mirror to a surface and it sticks. The mirror can also stand firmly on its own without the help of the suction cup and it works perfectly in any angle and position I want it to face. The mirror is very bright and the suction on my large mirror over my bathroom sink is very flawless.

Magnification and size

The mirror has a 10 times magnification in that it clearly zooms the part I want to make and apply makeup or style my hair. Mostly is fine with most people using it to apply makeup and quite handy if you have a lot of acne or discoloration that you want to see closer. Has a 5.2-inch clear glass that is square and has an advanced suction mechanism. The mirror also magnifies clearly my face giving me a natural image and thus helping me to perfectly give my face the correct glow on the makeup I am doing.

Design and maintenance of the mirror

The mirror has a lock suction that allows me to securely attach the mirror to flat surfaces. I firmly press the suction cup onto the wall and gently turn the suction base clockwise until I hear the clicking sound. It is also easy to maintain the mirror in that I clean the mirror with a dried and soft cloth. I also ensure I do not immerse the mirror unit in water and never expose the magnifying mirror to direct sunlight. Lastly, I ensure the suction is on smooth surfaces and I do not use harsh cleaners on cleaning the mirror.


  • Easily detached and portable
  • Takes up less space even in a bag
  • Rotates at 360 degrees so covers different angles
  • Cordless making it convenient for transportation
  • Has a clear reflection with magnification of 10x
  • Light bulbs cannot be replaced

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the mirror have a white or yellowish light?

A: The light is white

Q: Is it mirrored on both sides? Normal on one side and then magnified on the other side?

A: No is a one-sided mirror and the magnifying mirror is only on one side too.

Q: What is the wattage on the bulbs?

A: Total wattage is 3.2w and wattage for each bulb is 0.2w

Final verdict

The Fancii 10x magnifying lighted makeup mirror is the best mirror for doing makeup. It has everything that I need in a makeup mirror including the degree of magnification, suction cup and it swivels freely. The mirror is also an easy mirror to clean and has simple steps to follow in maintaining and caring care of the mirror. The mirror gives me a natural look and thus it is my great tool when I am traveling since I carry. This mirror also comes with a soft velvet pouch making it perfect for travel for safety purposes.

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