5 Minute Makeup Looks for Office Women that Never Fail


As a working woman with a plethora of responsibilities to handle. Life is tremendously fast when it comes to managing the time! This pressures our lifestyles so hard that we even give up on our makeup routines. It’s impossible to look picture perfect without letting the responsibilities stress better of you!

How many of you are heading towards the office with a Sunday boring face because you don’t get enough makeup time? Expecting a lot of huzzy yes! Well, is it really justified?

Do you know? Being well- dressed with right office makeup look in the corporate world can boost up your confidence at next level? We understand it’s quite difficult to look picture perfect without letting the responsibilities stress better of you!

Makeup can do wonders if done with the right accessories and in the right way. Definitely, who would not love to make an impression or accentuate of personal beauty, but not at the cost of natural beauty.

Having a flawless makeup look will help you in looking as fresh and good even in the last working hours of the office. All you need is a makeup best friend that would never overshadow you!

The problem is we can’t actually rush on makeups, which leads us to another problem that is, it is pathetically time consuming!

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best makeup looks for office women that could be done in less than 5 minutes! Yes, you heard me right, onlyyyyy 5 minutes! Don’t you believe me? Get on the board and be ready to explore! Let’s dig in!

Major Essentials for 5-minute Make-up:

The chance of winning makeup war stands on the shoulder of few basics. Before we start, these are few things we must need to understand.

Picking foundation.

Matte look is a new trend and I can’t resist saying, it’s the class! You can go for dewy for an attractive look but at the office, you need to look more professional though! Use matte finish foundation for a smashing day all long at work. Always pick the one which matches your skin tone. It will look flawless and natural, most importantly.

Pro Tips: Don’t put foundation straight on your face. First, use a good quality moisturizer after washing your face.”

What about Rosy cheeks?

Every lady in the room want their cheeks to show off the natural blush even after working for 5 days a week professionally and I would better keep shut about household responsibilities! (Well, everyone knows why!) But is it possible? I doubt!

You can go for a natural rosy color blush on the lower side of your cheeks. Bear in mind, over dabbing can result in a big turn off! Use it in a smaller quantity with just a two or three dab with the best airbrush available. You can check it in here to get a detailed view. That’s all! You are ready to shine through!

Lips needs pamper!

Yet another essential you need for 5- minute make up is, undoubtedly, a lipstick! It offers you the smart look at work. You can go for some nude or matte shades to look professional as well gorgeous at the same time.

But above all, go for hydrating lipsticks! Why so? After all, it’s your workplace, and thus you can’t take the frequent brake for the purpose of Touchups!! (Definitely, it sounds unprofessional gesture). The colors we admire the most are rosy pink, sheer or even pink to get natural looking lips.

Avoid using dark shades like taupe, earth, red or beige (For god sake!). Instead, you can go for shades that match your blush tone.

Let your eyes speak:

Eyes are the prime point of contact when you are speaking or demonstrating a presentation at work. Hence, make sure your eyes keep rolling all day long like a deluxe mirror with the best ever combo of foundation, primer, and concealer. Make sure they don’t wear off easily.

Eye liner and Mascara:

Accentuate the beauty of your eyes more using the liquid mascara! (I know, you love it). Trust me; you will adore it even more with the colors such as grey and brown. Wait, wait I forget to mention one thing. What? You got it, right lady! The choice of smudge- proof and waterproof mascara! I can’t stop giggling, imaging your face if you accidentally rub your eyes. LOL!

Eye Shadow Color:

Ummm, next essential on the list is Mascara that will bring life to your eyes. You can go for colors such as bronze, brown, taupe or grey. Please avoid glittery shades (Imagination is even no less than a nightmare!)

Ready with the essentials? Always carry the essentials in a good quality case to ensure you have got everything you need while traveling to the office. It will be quite comfortable and also doesn’t take much space, resulting in hassle-free traveling.

Makeup Steps to Crack it Under 5 Minute

It’s high time to take a sneak peek to the quick application steps:

Step 1:

So, get your case aside and start with the base. Moisturizer is along with the essentials, right? (C’mon, I had mentioned you in the note part!) Buy moisturizer if you haven’t yet: /. After applying a good quality (that suits your skin, of course), go for a primer.

Applying-moisturizer-in -Rush

(Image Source: Pinterest)

Why primer? It’s because it will keep makeup on as same the whole long day. You can even go for little bb or cc cream. At last, set it with some powder.

Step 2:

Proceeding towards the next step, it’s time to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Pick Eyeshadow of your choice and apply it to your lids. (Go for none- shimmery pastel colors, as suggested earlier) and thus blend it well.


(Image Source: Pinterest)

Step 3:

Now moving to the brows, add some powder to them to give it a detailed and appealing look.


(Image Source: Pinterest)


Step 4:

Well, using mascara or eyeliner is completely your choice. If you wanna avoid, you are free to do so. But these are your favorite essentials like mine, then pick up the eyeliner (Gel will work better as it is easier to apply 😀 ) and let it dry.


(Image Source: Pinterest)

If you are in hurry and don’t have even time for letting it dry, use Mascara instead. Apply it and smudge a little to give a smoky look. (Smoky eyes are in after all!). At last, put mascara on your lower waterline for the finishing touch.

Step 5:

Next, Hold spoon or cards against the lashes and apply mascara on both upper as well as lower lashes. It’s done! Bingo, you are done with the eye- makeup.


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Step 6:

use nude or matte lipstick lip liner to line your lips. Why am I saying to use matte lipstick over and again? I know, I know you will say it’s in fashion now a day and so on. But do you know? It has more staying power in comparison of other sparkling or shining one. Use lighter shade for a more professional look. At last, apply lipstick on your lips.

Step 7:

Last but not the least, pick blush that matches your skin tone. Take your time but please do not come over with loud choices! (Obviously, it’s your workplace not a party destination) The blush should definitely match your skin tone.


(Image Source: Pinterest)

Wanna some more tips to look absolute flawless? Stick to us and Keep Reading:

Clever Tips for Fuss-free Make-up:

  • Forgot blush at home and badly need to take a touch-up? You have lipstick with you, right? Perfect! Put some hint of lip color on your cheeks and blend it inside out. Don’t you believe me? See yourself in deluxe makeup mirror after it. Ahh, Thank me later lady!
  • If you want to enhance your lips without spending much. Then, I have something for you. Guess what? Take little frosted and metallic shadows and pout! No, No we are not taking selfie.. Haha! We will dab this on to the pout to enhance your lips. Tricky isn’t it?
  • Wanna have cakey shadow immediately? Well, just mix powder shadow with lip gloss and boom! It is ready to use! Simple and usable.
  • Do you know? Depending upon the texture and the shade, you can use powder shadow as a blush! Let the apple of your cheeks shine more with this trick!
  • About to throw the old mascara because it’s no longer of use? What if I say, you can reuse it for some more days? All you need to do is to mix the old mascara with a few drops of oil. That’s all, it is good to use again. But wait, there is one thing you should bear in mind while using it. It is not permanent solution and not waterproof at all. It could run all over your face if you sweat a lot or if the weather is humid. You can use this formula in emergency but don’t rely on it permanently.

A right makeup makes you feel confident and look beautiful at work. Opt these steps and say bye to Monday hues!  What are your views on our today’s article? Let us know in the comment section below. We are always open to new ideas or suggestions.

You shine girl!

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