Gotofine LED lighted makeup mirror Review

Do you want to wear make-up that looks even and unpatched? Even with adequate expertise, insufficient lighting could still hamper you.

It is grossly advised to consider lighting during the exercise. Natural sunlight ambiance is most preferable. Not all houses can afford such an environment considering space, among other factors.

Does this mean that those occupying insufficiently lit houses shouldn’t wear makeup though?

If you fall into that category, don’t panic. Gotofine’s got you covered. You can now apply your make up in the night! Let alone insufficiently lit environs.

That isn’t all, this mirror comes in a sleek but durable design, good magnification and adequate power source among others. Anytime becomes makeup time!

One more reason why you need this mirror is its humanized switch design. A touch sensor will let you turn on and off, the LEDs while adjusting brightness.

The features of this mirror will simply blow your mind;

Main Features of Gotofine LED lighted makeup mirror

  • Aesthetic value: The mirror comes in a superb, scratch -resistant white material. Yes, white, the color of perfection. You are also guaranteed a durability of its own class. Apart from the obvious uses, this mirror will be more of an accessory to your house. Are thinking of a mirror that you can simply take out before other people with no shame, you have my word! It is just amazing how a mirror can come with so many features, and still look so good. What about the weight? 1.6 pound never felt this light!
  • Next Generation LED lighting system: Just as in other electronic devices, LEDs always emit light when stimulated. This mirror even goes further, to closely simulate natural sunlight. This means that you are going to have a soft, bright, long-lasting and more natural light than anything you have ever seen before. On top of that, the mirror adopts LED light strips over bulbs. This only means brighter and better lighting for you. The mirror thus gives the best color-correct view next time your makeup isn’t on point, find something else to blame buddy. I don’t see that happening with this mirror though.
  • Humanized switch design: The mirror comes with a smart dimming sensor switch. This means that you can turn on and off, the LEDs whenever its make up time. The fact that you can also adjust the brightness is genius. Not all places are dark to the same degree. Spotting the sensor is easy. Everyone seems to be looking to technology as the next wave of innovation for devices. The mirror is not an exception. As far as you are looking forward to convenience and efficiency when it comes to lighted makeup mirrors, look no further.
  • 10X magnification: Can you imagine that you can see your image up to 10 times what you really are? This means you can be able to see your make up to the slightest area of your face is left undone. The mirror allows you to focus on given segments of your face that aren’t looking so neat. You can easily spot uneven makeup regions on your face. You are able to see 10 times what other people will see on a 5 inch! I am sure you won’t afford a miss wearing your makeup. That is how much far you are going to be ahead of the rest.
  • Excellent power supply mode: Most of those your devices punish you so much by hanging around with power banks like a slave. How about finally getting one with that’s power conscious? That is one more reason to want this mirror. The mirror is operated by a durable is also accompanied by a power supply cable for charging and indoor uses. Let alone the mirror, I would advise you to buy any device that has good charge diversity. Power problems are so yesterday. Upgrade to this mirror buddy, you are missing out!
  • Distortion-free mirror: Distortion simply refers to the deformation of an image. With such a magnification, you are probably thinking that you can’t have good clear-cut images .this mirror is superlatively distortion free. You won’t have your make up look like a dirty smudge on the face whatsoever. Having your image looking distorted with color looking dirty on your face at times really irks. Interesting how this is humanly possible? The secret lies in the optics of the mirror. The quality of the glass has it all. If you are tired of distortion of images on the mirror margins, don’t hesitate to try this mirror.

  • Good adjustability of up to 180 degrees rotatabilty
  • The mirror is durable
  • It is portable
  • Come with details instructions & one Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Comes with good warranty
  • Only comes in one color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: are there spare parts locally available for repairs in case of breakages?

A: absolutely yes, check with your local spares dealer, it even gets better if the warranty isn’t expired because you will get free repairs or even refunds!

Q: can I mount it on my walls? If yes, how do I attach it to the wall?

A: yes you can, the mirror comes with a base that sits pretty beneath it for stability. It is advisable to simply place, however; if you are interested in mounting it on the wall, read the user manual for instructions.

Q: is it app-operated?

A: sorry comfort lovers, but currently, the answer is no! I am sure it is on the way though.

Final Verdict

Now that we are reading from the same page, is deciding on whether to have the Gotofone LED lighted make up mirror still a problem? I bet you aren’t. If you are damn serious about getting past oversight make up problems, you need this mirror. You don’t have to pay so much to beauticians just to look good. Your confidence remains in check. With this mirror, every time is make-up time. This mirror is taking the makeup world by a storm, what are you still waiting for? Get yours today!

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