Jerdon HL65N 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror Review

This makeup mirror has really gained popularity of its name in the beauty industry because of its different quality products it provides to its customers. Jerdon has been in the beauty industry for over 40 years and has been popular with the services it provides in the spar, hotels, homes and cruise ships.

Due to the consistent existence in the market one can trust the company’s products in the market. The company has been able to continue its operations and maintain its leading position by embracing technology and continual improvements of their product. This also helps them to satisfy the customers’ needs according to their needs and trends in the market.

The company is also expanding its products hence providing a wider variety of products to its customers.  Due to this Jerdon hl65n 8-inch lighted wall mount makeup mirror remains the best in the market compared to other in the market.

Main Features of Jerdon Hl65n 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror


Jerdon hl65n 8-inch lighted mount makeup mirror has two sides and it is circular in shape and its very light. With a diameter of 8 inches, it helps the user to have a larger or wider view when using the mirror for their comfort. This feature is actually the most important feature since the customers will be more satisfied when he or she used it and gets a clear and larger view when he or she stands in front of the Jerdon mirror. This oval shape increases the surface area the viewer can look yourself on the mirror.

Clear view: 

The mirror has components that make it easier to give you a clear view of your face even when there is fog. This makes the Jerdon makeup mirrors to be clear easy to use and also it makes the mirror durable hence can last for long. The mirror maintains its clear view even when the user takes 15 minutes in the shower because its free from steam and can maintain the temperature to be the same as surroundings. Jerdon mirror is made up of nickel that helps the mirror from condensing and moistening during a shower or when the temperature changes.

Rotate 360 Degrees: 

Jerdon makeup mirrors are designed in such a way that it can rotate 360 degrees in different directions hence these helps it to give the user an option of one time and five times magnification. Due to this feature, the customer can have a clear view of themselves and ensure everything like hair and makeup is in place. This also gives the user the opportunity to use the mirror at different angles. This magnification gives the user a clear view during the use because of the fine lenses that magnify every detail of the hair and during makeup too.

Different angle viewing

This Jerdon mirror has an on and off knob on the oval base that rotates this give the user to view him or herself in different angles hence it gives you I wide view when checking your makeup and your hair. This knob on the oval base triggers the halo light to light around the mirror when you need to use it during make up time. The rotation gives the viewer a dynamic view when using the mirror. This gives the user the required satisfaction and the worthiness of the money spent during the purchase of the mirror anytime its required.

Arm extension

It has an arm extension and its designed in such a way that it’s so smooth to rotate it to whatever angle the user wants. When the user rotates the mirror, it helps her to use it at his or her comfort without straining. The mirror leaves a space of 14 inches from the wall this makes it easy it moves and still makes it firm on its angles.  This extension is made in such a way that they are so smooth the user can easily move them to his/ her desired when doing your makeup or your hair.

Mounting hardware

Jerdon mirror not only designed by above feature but they also come in the package with a mounting hardware. This mounting hardware’s are made in such a way that they are strong keeping the user safe when using the mirror.  The mounting hardware also helped keep the mirror in its place helping the user to be displayed well in the mirror and with the correct posture. Jerdon mirror also comes with a Jerdon model JPT25W light bulb the one can replace of 25-watts. This helps the user to have enough light when using the mirror hence having a clear view needed.

  • Fog resistant thus the user can comfortably use in different temperatures.
  • Packaged with mounting hardware.
  • It can rotate to 360 degrees helping the customer to use it at her or his comfort.
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty
  • Perfect for luxury hotels and spas
  • It is not battery powered making it hard to use where there is no electricity.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does Jerdon mirror width of 8

A: The mirror on its own is 8 inches and this does not at any point involve the frames or

Q: Is the Jerdon mirror hardwired or plugged in?

A: The mirror is plugged in and has a cord that is clear or light colored that comes from the bottom of the mirror. It also comes with an option of a hard wire.

Q: Does Jerdon mirror use battery?

A: This mirror is to be placed near a plug since it uses electricity.

Final Verdict

The above feature clearly shows that Jerdon mirrors are the best in the market this is because they give the user a clear view even during a hot shower the mirror will not get moist. When the user is using the mirror he or she can rotate it to different angle according to your preferences. And the main reason one will be looking for a mirror is because of the clear view one requires and of high quality. According to my through research on every product I have published in MakeuKitz, this mirror provides the best service in the market hence should first be considered.

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