Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Putting on make-up is something no woman takes lightly. You will always be in need of a mirror that will reflect how you are putting on their makeup. The Jerdon tri-fold lighted makeup mirror will work perfectly. It helps one put on her make-up and also be used in bathrooms since it has fluorescent lighting and adjustable side mirrors that fits perfectly in any corner of the house.

The adjustable magnification and the multiple viewing angles of the mirror provide many different forms of illumination on the subject giving an awesome outcome of beauty while putting on your make up for beauty needs a purpose.

This mirror is different from our normal mirrors in that the trifold sided makeup mirror has sharp and attractive white finish, two swivels that can be adjusted, lighting settings which give a clear view of an image in a poor lit room and an electrical outlet.

Main Features of Jerdon Tri Fold Two Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Lighting settings: 

The mirror has multiple illumination settings since it has a low-pressure mercury –vapor gas discharge on the mirror,(uses a fluorescent mirror).the mirror is made up in a way that the lights that shine from the mirror can be accommodated by the eye and comes with four different illumination settings.

Each of the illumination settings incorporates the color-corrected lighting that works well during the day, at night, in office environments and poorly lit areas. It also has switches that can give a person the opportunity to move left and right to find an ideal lightning posture to suit the beauty need.


This unique mirror has been designed and manufactured by the jerdon company. A company is well known worldwide for beauty products thus being more of a beauty deals with a broad variety of quality cosmetic mirror, hair dryers and other styling appliances that can help one dress up to look beautiful and compliment their look with a well done make up.

Since 1977, the company has been leading in providing hotels, homes, resorts and cruise ships around the world with their fascinating and distinctive products made by the company. The company also uses the latest technology in developing new products to expand its offering to meet the rapidly growing needs of its customers worldwide.


The mirror is designed in a way to make sure that it zooms from the top of hair to the face where the make-up process takes place. It can rotate at a magnification of 1x to 5x since it has an adjustable center making it easier for all beginners venturing to use the mirror.

Differences of 5x and 1x zooming using the mirror is that 5x magnification helps one to apply make-up in hard to see areas while 1x magnification will give a perfect view of any hair to do. The adjustable back stand on the mirror helps one to adjust the mirror to the angle you are sitting in hence giving a perfect view for make-up application.

Mirror design: 

The mirror has a port where one can plug in a cable and fix it on a socket. It has also been made in a way that its power can accommodate other electrical appliances  such as curling irons among others with the volts of 120.

It also designs to suit the wardrobe similarities as it has space at the back where one can store and keep all the beauty necessities in one convenient place making it easier to quickly find your items when one runs out of time and has to do the makeup before leaving the house.

Mirror features: 

Has adjustable settings-the settings can be adjusted to suit the day to avoid overexposure of the face, evening and offices environments to ensure the room in which you carrying on your makeup is well lit.

Adjustable magnification-ensure the mirror provides a clear zoom on the area where you want to apply your make up and helps one to ensure the steps of putting on the make-up are followed.

Sharp look and attractive white finish- this color and designed make ensures that the mirror matches any home décor making it look attractive hence one need not worry about the setting of the house with the mirror.

  • Better visibility
  • Good lighting and better results
  • Have multiple forms of illumination
  • Variety of magnification levels
  • Takes less space in your house
  • Not affordable to everyone

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can one look at the hairline at the side and back of your head using the mirror?

A: The mirror is used to detect the sides and the front face thus cannot reflect the back of your head since one uses the adjusted mirror in a position you are facing.

Q: Does the mirror come with a plug for power connection?

A: Yes the mirror comes with a plug for connection of power and also has an extra outlet in front to plug in another item and charge the electrical appliance with 120 volts only.

Q: What is the height and width of the center and side mirrors?

A: Center mirror is 7 1/4″h x5 1/2″w while side mirrors is 7″ h x4″w.


Tri-fold sided mirror has the capability to help one improve skills on applying makeup and come up with a uniquely different style of doing makeup away from the normal routines. With the good lighting adequate magnification that the mirror reflects on your face while putting on your make up, is a thing that can make your daily life a whole lot easier and give one a confident look.

This mirror has helped solved most of the mistakes that arise when one is putting on her makeup or trying to make a good hairstyle for an event or for the day. Due to better visibility in the mirror, one is not likely to mess up while completing beauty looks.

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