KI Store LED Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror Review

We all love looking beautiful, don’t you? A high percentage of women feel they are not at their best without makeup. Putting on the right makeup gives you confidence and also gives you a better look. On the other hand, if you do not apply your makeup the right way, you might end up compromising your looks.

Beauty, makeup, and fame are among the current characters that every woman feels happy about. KI store LED lighted makeup vanity Mirror has the solutions to those characters if you have been having an urge of being in the same beauty line with others.

This light up makeup mirror allows you to put on your make seeing all the details for a better look. It gives you the required light for makeup application, so you have no worries. Here are some of the best features of this makeup mirror.

Main Features of KI Store LED Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

The design

The design of the KI Store LED lighted mirror is astounding. It looks very sleek and classy.  It is very easy to assemble and is very easy to use, meaning that it can also be used by the newbies. Besides its sleek appearance, the base of the KI store LED light up mirror is also very sturdy. The light emitted by the mirror is also perfect and bright for putting on

Classic Lighted

KI store LED lighted makeup vanity Mirror is built in 21 pieces LED desktop. It has 1× mirror with detachable base.

The base has a nice area for placing tweezers or any other small items that you can daily use them onto your face. This is accompanied by a portable 10× magnification spot mirror. This is therefore great for the spot checking or rather just a normal view with the 1× magnification.

It uses warm yellow lighting effect to do away with the harsh effects on your eyes.  Its light is bright enough for your daily makeup.

Touch screenKI store LED light up makeup vanity Mirror is made from an extra thicken ABS plastic with Ultra Violet coating. The coating is good looking and it’s resistant to scratch, heat and even fingerprints.

It can rotate through 180 degrees hence being able to be fixed at any position. Controlled by the touch sensor, you just switch on the mirror, turning on or off the LED lights whenever you want to.

The touchscreen part of it makes it easier to light up and even adjust it till you are able to see the whole of your body, and it enables you to easily turn the mirror off while not in use

Natural lighting

The lights for the KI store LED lighted makeup vanity Mirror are long lasting and bright enough to give you the perfect results when doing your makeup. The lighting is bright and its natural without any blue hue. This makes it be perfect in lighting up your face when you doing your makeup or rather even your hair.

This LED light is actually enough for your life and trust me you will not get here any difficulty.  The construction setting for the KI store LED lighted makeup vanity mirror, is very easy to use with the LED touch battery operated the system.


Another good feature for the LED lighted vanity mirror is of it being able to be twisted in any angle around its neck. This is helpful for you as it can enable you to use it freely without any angle restrictions.

KI store LED lighted vanity makeup mirror lacks a cord. This makes it be portable wherever you go and it’s also moveable-a feature that will enable move at any place of your own choice, like around your desk, in the stores place among others.

Ideal Spacing

The KI store vanity Mirror has an ability to be situated anywhere at your own convenience while putting on your makeup. It gives you the freedom to select a frame of your own choice, and locate it anywhere like in the living room, bathroom and spas, shaded areas, in your bedroom or even at your working place if it’s acceptable.

This makes it easier and comfortable for you while putting on your makeup. Trust me,it’s the best mirror you could ever think of buying as it has no location limit.

  • The product illuminates very well.
  • The product is sturdy, making it stable.
  • It’s flexible at the neck
  • Has easy touch lights
  • It’s quick to clean.
  • The on/off doesn’t work efficiently sometimes.
  • It’s small and short. This makes you get a hard time when you are standing or tall.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Are all the lights located around the mirror or are just on the sides?

A: The lights are located all the way around the mirror to give you an easier time in when putting on your makeup.

Q: Can the base be able to fold up or down to make it flatter when traveling?

A: Unfortunately the base cannot fold up or down but the LED mirror is only flexible at the neck.

Q: For how long does the battery last?

A: It can be able to work for more than 24 hours using four 1.5 v alkaline batteries.

Final Verdict

Every woman always thinks of being beautiful by putting on makeup to enhance their looks. With KI store LED lighted vanity makeup mirror, you will always realize the makeup dream. With its natural bright light with no blue hue, for it being flexible at the neck enabling you to twist it the way you want, having a touch screen that eases the work of turn on/off, long lasting four batteries, for it being moveable enabling you put it anywhere and portable, carry while travelling, the LED makeup mirror is the best choice you could do on purchasing a makeup mirror.

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