5 Makeup Tips for Older Women

No matter what age you are, makeup is something that empowers you and gives you the opportunity to put your best face forward. The purpose of makeup changes as you age, with younger women trying to look older and older women trying to look younger. Regardless, makeup is almost universal among women. If you’re over 50, here are some tips to help you embrace your look and enhance it with makeup.

It is hard to get things done on this age, that does not mean we will give up with our makeups. To avoid all the hurdles and seeing things clearly we recommend you to have a modern age magnifying makeup mirror. It might sound bit fishy but think about it,  we hardly see things on this age. Top of that putting makeup with a normal mirror can be tricky. A magnifying makeup mirror can zoom in your face to up to 20 times. And every model comes with high illuminated lights. You can check our magnifying makeup mirror section for more details.

Avoid Foundation That’s Too Pale

As you age, your skin becomes paler, so if you’re trying to match your makeup tone to your skin tone, you can be left looking pasty. Instead, try using a slightly warmer tone than you’re used to. If you have an exact-max shade of makeup already, mix it with the next darkest shade and apply it as normal. This will give your skin an extra glow and will be sure to liven your face up.

Stay Away from Dark Lipsticks

Unless you have dark skin and full lips, it’s best to stay away from dark lipstick. Light reds and pinks are better shades than deep purples and any shade of brown. It’s also okay to mix it up by trying new colors. Play with the color and try to find out exactly what works for you. Every woman is different and finding the color that gives your lips that definition is all about experimentation.

Bring Attention to Your Eyes

As wrinkles start to appear, drawing attention away from them will help to give you that look you desire. Make your eyes the focal point of your face. By using shades of eyeshadow that make your eyes pop, you will bring new life to your look and will be turning heads. Blue eyes look great with blue-grays, golds, coppers and browns. Brown eyes will go best with golds and browns and dark eyes should be matched with darker shades.

Tone Down Fine Lines

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magical cure-all for lines or wrinkles. Try applying moisturizer before you apply foundation. Doing this will plump up your skin and make some of those fine lines less visible. According to a company in Oklahoma City who does senior home care, one of the biggest complaints of older women is that their moisturizer just doesn’t seem to do the trick. If this sounds like you, try using a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid lotions are recommended by dermatologists to not only give your skin more moisture, but to help it retain that moisture longer, keeping those fine lines to a minimum.

Don’t Overdo It

There is a temptation amongst older women to use the most extravagant colors and the brightest tones. Less is more the older you get, especially when it comes to makeup. Avoid piling on the foundation and the heavy lipstick. Being lighter with your makeup will keep you looking young and will save you precious time every day.


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