Ruimio Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

When you are trying to look your best you will probably want to buy the right makeup for your skin complexion and even go out of your way to buy the right brushes. But why does your makeup still come out in different shades?

It all boils down to the lighting under which you are applying your makeup. Different rooms have different lighting and even the inside of your house is different from the outside. The only way to go, therefore, is by using the Ruimio lighted makeup mirror.

The light provided by this mirror is simply exceptional and incompatible. Thanks to the lights attached all-round the mirror, you get an evenly distributed natural light that reflects on your face giving you the perfect environment to apply your makeup.

With this type of lighting, you will perfectly identify different shades of makeup allowing you to apply the best shade for you.

Main Features of Ruimio Lighted Makeup Mirror

7x Magnification

If you hate leaning forward to get a closer look at the mirror then you will love this feature. The 7x magnification will allow you to comfortably sit back and do your makeup without any discomfort in your back. All the while your image is being reflected perfectly on the mirror’s smooth, round surface.

The crystal clear image you will get from this mirror will enable you to apply makeup on even the most delicate of places like your eyebrows. The magnification is so powerful you could almost see your pores!
This feature is perfect for ensuring you look great.

Led Light

When putting on makeup you want to bring out the best features in you. Getting out of the house looking like a zebra will obviously not work for you.

The 14 LED lights fixed around the rim of the mirror will help you avoid such mishaps. They give off a bright even illumination that rules out any chance of shadows getting in the way of applying makeup.

If you have poor eyesight you need not worry, these lights have got you covered. The light given off by the bulbs will allow you to work without having to wear your glasses.

Suction-Cup Base

A lot of people have a hard time trying to put on makeup and hold up their mirrors at the same time. With the ruimio lighted makeup mirror, you will not have this problem.

The mirror’s suction-cup base will enable you to firmly place your mirror on any non-porous surface. And thanks to the rubber, the mirror will stick to any surface you press it against. You will not have to worry about your mirror toppling over in the middle of your makeup session.

This feature will work for you if you apply your makeup away from your bathroom mirror.

360 Degree Swiveling Ability

Have you ever wanted a mirror that turns whichever way you want it to? You could be able to apply your makeup when you are standing when you are seated and even when lying down.
With the 360 degrees swiveling ability you can angle your mirror in such a way as to suit your preferred position. You can turn the mirror nearer or farther away from you. It also allows you to fold your mirror all the way down, which works for you no matter where you are.
The mirror is extremely flexible and its adjustability out of this world.

Small Size

This mirror is perfect for traveling. It is made in such a way as to make it compact without losing its amazing qualities and features. It retains the qualities and at the same time, it does not lose its convenience.
With only seven inches in diameter, the mirror will fit in the small bags, making it the ultimate traveling mirror. The most amazing thing about this mirror is that despite its size you will still be able to see your whole face.
For all the ladies who prefer having a mirror at all times, this mirror is perfect for you.


Apart from the small size that makes it portable, there are many other features that make the mirror portable as well. To begin with, this mirror is wireless which is obviously the qualifying factor. If the mirror runs by cord, you would never be able to use it away from the socket.
Its lightweight is another quality that makes this mirror so easy to carry around. Together with the added weight of whatever you are carrying in your bag the presence of this mirror will be next to insignificant.
The easy to foldability just adds to the advantage.

  • 7 x magnifications that give a crystal clear reflection.
  • It takes up little space.
  • Can be used by people with poor eyesight.
  • Attaches to any non-porous surface.
  • LED lights to ensure even illumination of light hence no shadows are created on your face.
  • Short battery life of up to fifty thousand hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the lighting of this mirror? Is it too dim or is it too bright?

A: The lighting is bright. The illumination given off by the LEDs is perfect for doing your eyebrows or even applying eyeliner. The LED bulbs project an even illumination of light that will not hurt your eyes.

Q: How big is the mirror itself?

A: The actual mirror is five inches although the diameter of the whole mirror is seven inches.

Q: How many batteries does the mirror require to function properly?

A: The mirror needs three AA batteries to run properly.

Final Verdict

I would strongly recommend this mirror to any person looking for a mirror whose quality lives up to its standards. If you are looking for something stylish then this mirror is just perfect for you.

This is a mirror with outstanding qualities that set it aside from other mirrors. It is wireless which makes it portable. The flexibility and adjustability of this mirror is not something you should bypass.

Not forgetting people with poor eyesight who can comfortably use this without glasses thanks to the light produced by the LEDs.

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