Simplehuman Wall Mount Mirror Review

Last year, I walked into an apparel shop for regular shopping. At the fitting room is where my life changed for the best. I can tell you that I found one more reason to be a model! It is where I first spotted this mind-blowing simplehuman wall mount mirror. I finally met the epitome of elegance when it comes to mirrors. You can easily predict the innate splendor of this sleek mirror at a glance. Well, the Lannisters always pay their debts, but just two hundred bucks for this, you got to be kidding! So I decided to write a practical review for simplehuman makeup mirror.

As a model, the mirror is my crony it never lies to me. I don’t have to keep a horde of friends by my abode to tell me how I mirrors make up for it whenever trying new outfits or putting on for a big event! Let alone my makeup. This boosts my confidence. I can turn up for work comfortably and not worry at the paparazzi.

Main Features of Simplehuman 8 inch Wall Mount Rechargeable mirror

Tri-lux lighting system: It is fitted with durable surgical-grade LEDs. They disperse light evenly with a unique pattern of micro-reflectors through a light ring minimizing light loss and hotspots. It can achieve a color rendering index (CRI) of up to 90, and at an average of 600 Lux. If you don’t get it still, I am barely talking about superlative color variation and brightness quality. This will assist you with makeup as you can simply tell if it is color correct and impeccable. You don’t have to always pay cosmetologist through your nose to look good!

5X Magnification: Can you imagine having 5 times more of something? You deserve to see to the finest detail, while still being able to see a broad area, say, your face. Did you know that magnifiers are, perhaps, the most likely abused optical product? Beware. Study shows that most of them produce much lesser magnifications, contrary to their specifications! Thanks to the Superhuman wall mount mirror you will be able to find candid and salutary magnification of your body. With all this, the question is just, what else can’t  you see in this mirror?

Cordless: Unwired appliances aren’t easy to come by, let’s focus on the mirror though. The most probable locale of this mirror is the bathroom, or inside the bedroom, or why not the living room? Your guest should feel a taste of deluxe. Imagine how much inconvenience would accompany the mirror if it was corded. I can’t imagine the wires getting entangled with wires from other appliances. This would make space look unnecessarily intricate. You are taking a shower and then you spot the cables resting by flowing water. If you are someone with an electric shock experience like I am, your shower would halt at that point!

5-year warranty: This would imply that if your mirror experience technicality complications, you get a free overhaul. You might even get a replacement depending on the amount of damage! How many appliances would come with such a warranty? To you, perhaps, it is a marketing strategy. It’s not a short period of time, this blatantly shows how durable the appliance really is. The stainless steel used on the mirror gives it a strong stature. From what I know of this mirror unless you are using it as a lantern around your house or as kids’ toy, the warranty is a good as litter.

Automatic on/off sensors: This is an intelligent multi-sense system that automatically turns on and off. It turns on barely upon detection of your face. Yes! Your face, that’s how brilliant it is. The mirror light stays on until you move further away from the mirror, then it automatically turns off. The manufacturer, however, understands that this may at times fail, though there are too few cases reported; In this case, an on/off switch that accompanies the mirror that you simply turn on and off at will, but I assure you it just like that eject button on a DVD remote control, apparently useless.

Maximum adjustability: The mirror comes with an adjustable swing arm of up to 10 inch is what attaches the mirror to the wall surfaces. The arm can move up for the taller people and down for the shorter people, the mirror tilts back fully so you always have a clear, comfortable view. It has knobs that can be tightened to restrict movement to given next time you are looking yourself in the mirror, don’t bend for the mirror, let your mirror bend for you!

  • High reflectivity
  • Distortion- free mirror with even curvature around edges for distortion-free optics
  • Rechargeable with a longer battery life, of up to 5 weeks!
  • Possess aesthetic values with a quality brushed finish
  • No bulb changes required
  • Not app-enabled, I’m sorry comfort lovers.
  • Apparently expensive, costing you around $200!
  • Does not have a complementary normal mirror thus one is not able to spot general feature first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: do spare parts exist and where can I acquire them in case of damage?

A: yes, spares exists and can be acquired from simplehuman originals recommended general stores

Q: how do I mount it on my wall without necessarily interfering with it?

A: check and follow your user manual that accompanies the mirror upon purchase

Q: how do I raise warranty claims?

A: just visit the official website and talk to state your problem, you definitely get assisted

Final Verdict

If you haven’t upgraded to the Simplehuman wall mount mirror, you are so yesterday. No harm intended.  Someone better tell the real estate agencies to start putting this mirror in their plans to just save on the replacement costs for clients. I am sure anybody with the ability to own one of this mirror and still doesn’t have one just lacked information. I know there is a group of people who can’t want it anyway. Funny thing is, I am sure they stopped reading this from the word go! I know you want this mirror, don’t shy away, it is all you need!

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