Types of Makeup Mirrors

Most of the time while applying makeup, you can’t help yourself but look in the mirror and check your appearance. Doesn’t matter how different types of makeup mirror it is.  You want to look at your best at that much-awaited date, a corporate party or any other social gathering. The mirror becomes your best friend and gives you the assurance and confidence that you are way better than other ladies in the party. Who doesn’t want that feeling? Who doesn’t want to be the envy of many when it comes to the best make-up worn?

I bet you do, that is where the types of makeup mirrors come in. The mirror provides the essential reflection of your lifestyle and your flawless skin. I will take you through Best Types of Makeup Mirrors available so that it will be easy to choose the one that match your needs.

Magnifying mirrors

These mirrors have magnification that ranges from 3x up to 15x, with some of the Magnifying Mirrors having 20x which is a higher magnification. The mirrors are perfect for finer detail make-up such as eyeliner, lip liner, mascara and multiple shades. These make-up routines require precise blending to achieve the perfect results. That’s where the magnifying mirrors come in. The mirror is also ideal for removing and inserting contact lenses.

  • Essential in covering fine lines and blemishes
  • Useful for detailed close-up work
  • Enhances accuracy of hair removal using tweezers
  • Suitable for inserting and removing contact lenses
  • Gives flawless makeup application
  • It is easy for you to see everything
  • You notice unnoticeable problems
  • You can end up over plucking your eyebrows

Lighted Mirrors

Lighted Makeup Mirrors have built-in lights on the sides or enclosing the entire reflective surface of the mirror. This light eliminates shadows that might make the makeup to appear un-uniform. It enhances the application of your makeup. Some of these mirrors have day and night settings. This enables you to wear make-up at any time comfortably especially in the dark or a poorly lit room. The light from these mirror mimics the natural light from sunlight, makes it ideal for those who are affected by reflection from natural light.

  • It has built-in lights on the sides or around the rim
  • Eliminates shadows for even make-up application
  • Some of the mirrors have day and night settings
  • Provide everyday lighting
  • Some decorative lighted mirrors have a small surface, so it is hard to check how you look.

Stationary Mirrors

Stationary mirrors have adjustable stands combined with swivel features for easier adjustment and convenience. That makes it easier to apply make-up hands-free. These mirrors have the right magnification and lighting, means you don’t have to strain to get proper and even make-up. The adjustable nature makes it easier to propel the mirror in the direction that is easier for a smoother makeup application. The various shapes of this mirror make it suitable to place it in the bedroom.

  • Adjustable stands and swivel features for easier adjustability
  • Easier to apply make-up without holding the mirror
  • Blend into your décor
  • Gives hands-free performance
  • Has an adjustable stand
  • Not portable

Accessory Mirrors

Accessory mirrors are compact and sold separately while purchasing cosmetic products. However, the mirrors are convenient for reviewing make-up and touch-ups while traveling. The mirrors provide the needed last touch-up with LED lighting, which provides the necessary lighting even in dim light. Their compact and small nature makes it easier to carry them anywhere anytime. As the name suggests, this mirrors are part of your accessories.

  • Easier to carry since they are compact and small
  • Convenient for make-up touch-up and review
  • Forms part of your accessory
  • LED lighting for easy touch-up even in dim light
  • Small and compact
  • Not perfect for extensive makeup application

Handheld Mirrors

The handheld mirror is used to verify the coloration and cosmetics that you have applied. Using on different angles of the Makeup Mirror is easy. The best type of the handheld mirror is the one that shows your entire face without any form of distortion. These mirrors can easily be placed into your purse and used for quick checks when you are about to give that much-awaited speech or meeting an important dignitary. You can also use these mirrors in conjunction with the stationary mirrors in the bathroom, proving their convenience.

  • Used to verify cosmetics application and coloration
  • Can be used with other stationary mirrors
  • Easy to carry in your purse
  • Very cheap to acquire
  • Some show face with distortion

Integrated Mirrors

The Integrated mirrors come with make-up products or cosmetics. These mirrors serve the same purpose as that of the handheld and accessory mirrors. Whenever you need a quick check on the flawless make-up applied, then this is the mirror to look out for while buying cosmetic products. Cosmetic products with integrated mirrors save you the cost of buying another mirror. That is why the mirrors are preferable compared to others.

  • Come integrated with cosmetic products
  • Appropriate for quick review of make-up or touch-ups
  • Perfect for quick touch ups
  • Become easily smudged and clouded

Final Words

Having the right make-up mirror for an even and beautiful appearance is crucial. That is why it is important to choose a make-up mirror that covers your personal preference and style. Means, while shopping, check the various attributes I have mentioned here to help you decide what mirror serves you the best. Here, I have mentioned only the best make-up mirrors that you can rely on for the best makeup results.

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