What is a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

`You look classy and to the point’ or `Your make-up is on point’ are some of the compliments that will boost your confidence, and self-esteem when uttered by any individuals to you. This means that you ought to do your make-up right so as to earn such compliments.

What you need to make yourself look stunning after applying your cosmetics is the right makeup mirror. A mirror that not only saves your time but also allows you to do your makeup right. A lighted makeup mirror is one of such mirrors that will enable you to pull out a perfect make-up.

What exactly is a lighted makeup mirror?

A lighted makeup mirror is a mirror with enhanced features that are used by beauticians and people at household levels to apply cosmetics and do their hair. Lighted make-up mirrors come in different models and make but all of them have common features that distinguish them from ordinary mirrors made out of glass and metal amalgam.

Most lighted make-up mirrors have these common features; a fluorescent tube that is the source of lighting for the mirror making the image brighter and clearer, magnification lens which makes your image looks bigger thus making application of cosmetics easier, they are double sided, they are flexible up to 360 degrees flexibility, a circular base that provides stability for the make-up mirror and makes it possible to seat the mirror on different surfaces, a fine chrome finish which adds to the face value of the make-up mirror and a long-term warranty which provides assurance for their qualities.

These features are what make lighted make-up mirror different from ordinary mirrors, and especially the circular lighting provided by the circular fluorescent tube fitted all round the mirror. A lighted makeup mirror will always ensure that every detail of your makeup is catered for through the zoom feature. This allows you to apply your makeup correctly with little or no spillovers of cosmetics. They eliminate any chances of having uneven make-up on your body as you are able to monitor the application of cosmetics very clearly.

Lighted mirrors are portable and allow you to place them in any position that you deem convenient to you as you do your make-up. Lighted make-up mirrors were uniquely designed to eliminate the flaws that occur during make-up due to poor lighting of the mirrors on our walls or the ones you use in your bathrooms.

Advantages of a lighted makeup mirror?

Lighted makeup mirrors have no match when it comes to ensuring effective make-up process. The advanced features that come with the lighted make-up mirrors each have their own unique benefits. Some of the advantages that come with the use of the lighted make-up mirrors include but not limited to:

  • Brighter clearer images: The fluorescent tube that is fitted all round, the lighted make-up mirror provides good illumination, making the images formed on the mirror brighter and very clear. This allows you to see areas where to apply more make-up or even reduce the cosmetics applied on your body.
  • Portable: The lighted make-up mirror is sizable which means you can carry it around any place you go without causing any obstructions and being a nuisance. You can even change its position from a lower to an upper position according to your height.
  • Flexible: The lighted makeup mirror is designed in a way that it is double sided and can rotate 360 degrees. This means that you don’t need to keep changing the posture of the mirror so as to use it. All you need is rotate the mirror to your direction with no fear of breakage.
  • Magnified images: The magnification lens fitted in the lighted make-up mirror structure enables the mirror to form magnified images. This ensures that you can assess your body parts properly when doing your makeup.
  • Warranty: The lighted make-up mirrors come with a long-term warranty just to assure you of their quality. This gives you access to free repairs and replacements in case of breakages or faults in the mirror within the warranty period.

How to choose the best Lighted Makeup Mirror

Lighted make-up mirrors come in different makes and models and as such, you need to be aware of the things you need to consider so as to secure the best lighted makeup mirror for your makeup uses. In order to select the best-lighted mirror, check out on the following:

  • Base: The base of the lighted make-up mirror should be relatively large to provide the much-needed stability of the mirror when in use so as to avoid toppling over which may result in breakage of the mirror.
  • Magnification lens: The size of the image formed on your lighted make-up mirror is dependent on the magnification lens in the mirror. For quality images, the mirror should have a magnification lens with a magnification of between X7 and X10.
  • Finishing: The outer finishing of the lighted make-up mirror should be well done so as to make your mirror look classy and attractive. Quality lighted make-up mirrors have a nickel chrome fine finishing which is well polished.
  • Double-sided mirrors: Before you purchase a lighted make-up mirror, check to see that has double sided mirrors. This will allow your mirror to be more flexible in its use. Do not buy a one-sided mirror from dealers just because it may cost you less, the quality of service cannot match that of a double-sided mirror.

Final Words

Make-up is a vital part of our grooming and as such, it should be done with precision so as to serve its purpose of boosting our confidence as we step out into the crowds. For you to do this, you need the lighted make-up mirror which provides quality services as far as make-up is concerned. When out there to purchase yourself a lighted make-up mirror, it is good to have prior knowledge of the features you need to look out for so as to get the best-lighted make-up mirror.

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