Zadro LEDT01 Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror Review

Zadro LEDT01 lighted makeup mirror

Having a face with a well-done makeup gives me the confidence I need. I can spend the whole day feeling good and my makeup does not melt easily. The only simple thing I do is that I use the Zadro LEDT01 lighted makeup mirror which gives me a proper reflection on my face while putting on my makeup.

I cannot walk around without checking out myself in the mirror how my makeup looks. This mirror makes everything simple for me and thus I take less time doing my makeup and getting ready for the day. I also do a perfect makeup on my face since the mirror gives me a real image of my face. The mirror also allows me to do my makeup in any place since this mirror is portable thus can be used anytime I feel to use the mirror. Here are some other aspects that I love about this makeup mirror.

Main Features of Zadro LEDT01 Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

Description of the mirror

This mirror is a dual mirror that can be placed on any surface such as walls or any other surface in my house that I feel it will be comfortable for me to use it from there. Also, the mirror is made up of glass and is dual-sided in that uses the 1x 10x magnification. On one side of the mirror 10x magnification is greater for touch ups and makeup application while the other side 1x magnification is perfect for hairstyles. The LEDs in the mirror are so powerful enough to illuminate my face while doing my makeup and styling my hair without being harsh on my eyes. The mirror is also cordless allowing me to mount it anywhere I like in my house.

Illumination and lightning

The mirror has two LED  lighted magnification mirrors that collapse into the sleek compact design thus the flashlight feature enables the compact mirror to act as a also uses the battery to lit the bulbs for illumination on a face making it a natural real face. The LEDs of the mirror consumes up to less than 70% of energy. The bright LEDs on the mirror illuminate one or both mirrors since the mirror is a two-sided mirror. The light that comes from the mirror is bright but is can be accommodated by the eye while doing my makeup and it does not affect my eye.

Size and design of the mirror

The mirror is made up of sleek silver finish on top of the can also fold into a hand free position while I am doing my makeup I do not want to attach it on a surface or when I am applying or inserting contact lenses. Also, has a place where I fit can fit batteries and the place accommodates only 2 AAA batteries. The size is compact and thus making it a perfect mirror while I am traveling or I pack it in my bag for my daily on going needs. The mirror has 3 ½ x3 ¾ x 1 dimensions respectively.


The mirror is a two-sided mirror having different magnification magnitude .on one side the mirror uses the 10x magnification thus the mirror allows me to see up to the close-up and detailed on my face during makeup period allowing for easier makeup application. The other side of the mirror uses the 1x magnification where it gives the mirror an opportunity to feature normal details thus suitable for zooming to make hairstyles. The 1x magnification also helps me to check if my makeup is well applied and how the makeup glows on my face with the hairstyle I complimented my makeup with.

Maintenance and use

The mirror is designed in that it is cordless and battery operated hence the LEDs that do not need replacing at all. The led lighted mirror also opens in an upright standing position for hands-free makeup application. The sleek also folds up allowing it to compact size for travel portability. I use a dry cloth to clean my mirror after use. I also ensure that my mirror is folded back to its position after I am through with using the mirror and I keep it safely or I pack it if I feel I will use it during my journey.


The mirror designer and manufacturer is a known company that deals with the production of beauty make up mirrors to ease the work the women. Zadrocompany is the company behind the invention of this dual make up mirror. The company holds more than 40 design patents thus creating a brand with products that meet the ever-changing lifestyles and the needs of their customers. The company continually provides functionality and elegant award winning designs due to the products they manufacture thus taking over in the production of the beauty needs tools and problem solvers in the industry.

  • Perfect for close-up detail for applying makeup
  • Easily portable
  • Adjustable in height and angle
  • Offers clear magnification
  • Has an easier visibility due to the dimensions
  • Has no suction where you can attach it to a surface to stay firmly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the LEDs be replaced?

A: No.The LEDs cannot be replaced.

Q: Are the both mirrors lighted?

A: Yes. Both mirrors are lighted the 1x and 10 x but have an option to light both or one mirror as you prefer.

Q: Can the light damage your eye?

A: The mirror is bright enough to illuminate but the light has no damage to your eyesight.

Final verdict

This mirror is a better and perfect mirror to travel with since it folds and is a hands-free use mirror. The illumination also brings out a real image of my face while applying makeup thus giving me the perfect look and I do not have to worry about how I did my makeup. The mirror is also lightweight thus making it portable and easy to move with it around at any time and place. I always have an easy time using this mirror since it also swivels around and allows for customized use.

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